Lone Hunters - an experiment for casual newbies and newer players

So here’s the deal…

Q: Why does Lone Hunters exist?
A: It serves as a safe place for casual newbies who want the benefits of hunting Titans without the pressure of a more intensive alliance so they can feel free to go at their own pace and do their own thing.

Q: Why are we seeking new members?
A: We’ve hit our first Titan that had over 100k health points and our small, merry band wasn’t able to kill it off…we got some minor loot but no advancement on our Titan chests…bummer.

Q: What are the expectations?
A: There are no expectations, really. Your frequency and intensity of play won’t really be an issue unless we run out of spots. Well, and don’t be a jerk to anyone…be a kind team player even though you’re out there doing your own thing.

Q: What can members expect from the alliance leader?
A: Expect thoughtful, encouraging communication, especially around the hunting of Titans to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get in on the loot and advancing his/her Titan Chest.

Q: Will members be expected to be “super chatty and social”?
A: Not at all, that’s the whole point. Unless someone is specifically seeking input or feedback, I don’t expect anyone to reply at all. This is one of the aspects of “intensity” that can become burdensome in some alliances for those who are just trying to feel out the game.

Q: Is the alliance aiming toward Alliance Wars (AW)?
A: We’re not heading that direction by design. If we get to a certain point, we can take a vote to see what everyone wants to do. It seems the whole macro-strategy/AW aspect can be a bit overwhelming for newer players (at least it was for me). Let’s focus on getting Titan loot.

Q: What happens when the leader/senior members of the alliance get to a level where I’m constantly getting crushed by the Titans we face?
A: Here’s the experiment part. My vision would be that when the leaders/senior members achieve high enough levels they start facing higher level Titans, they should transition alliance leadership to other, lower level members, and seek out a new home or start another alliance that is more level/experience appropriate.

Q: What’s the max player level or trophy count?
A: I have no idea yet; I’m learning like everyone else and hope to figure that type of thing out in a naturally occurring way.

If I’ve left anything unanswered, I apologize…please let me know what questions you have. Otherwise, here’s hoping we can provide a happy home for some of you other casual newbies.

Happy Hunting!

I want to welcome our newest members and thank them for boosting us so quickly. We are just now facing our first 2 star Titan…and need more help!

If you’re looking for a place to be an active Titan hunter but not get caught up in Alliance Wars and massive performance pressure, Lone Hunters is the place for you. We communicate through the alliance chat feature in the game, no need to download Line or other messaging apps.

We await your arrival…Happy Hunting!

Calling Marta…please send through your join request again. Something went wrong when I tried to accept you in…apologies.

Hi @Landis - I am a somewhat newbie and a more casual player, and would like to join Lone Hunters … I will try to join through the game, but wanted to give a shout out on this thread. My player name is Robin within the game …

Note that I see an alliance named “lone^^hunters” - is that the same one?

I have never been in an alliance so I have no clue how it works. LOL. Like when does the titan show up? Do we all just start hitting it at the same time? Yada yada. But am willing to learn. :slight_smile: And anxious for titan loot as I’ve been underwhelmed by the Monster and Hero chests.

Hey, @Peppermint

Thank you so much reaching out. We were having some trouble growing as an alliance, so we joined forces with some wonderful like-minded folks in an alliance called Technicolor Minds. It has proven to be a really good fit for our small and merry band.

Do you mind if I ask what your game handle/name is? It’s quite possible that Technicolor Minds could provide a good home for you.

I’ll stay posted here…let me know what you think. Thanks again!

Hey there! @Landis Well I already joined the lone^^hunters alliance thinking it was yours. :frowning: Fighting a titan tonight so will see how it goes.

Is Technicolor Minds open? Are they the same type of casual newbie home that your Lone Hunters was originally conceived to be? E.g., using in game chat and not another app? Etc.etc.

By the way I am “Robin” in the game.

Ugh…sorry for that…not the same.

Technicolor Minds is invite based with a 400 cup requirement, but I’ve discussed it with Shuu, the alliance founder, and we’re happy to drop the requirement so you can get in. I perceive you’d be a good fit for us and we for you. Nothing against those other folks, but I believe you’d be within your rights to finish out the current Titan and now out. If you let me know, I’ll arrange for the cup requirement to be brought down; Shuu did that so some of our newer members could migrate over and it’s been a really good move for all of us. I hope we’ll be able to welcome you over.

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I just looked you up and you’re not nearly as new as you perceive yourself. You’d actually fit right in with us, no need to drop the cup requirement at all. If it’s what you’d like to do, and I selfishly hope it is, just look up Technicolor Minds and request to join.

I’ll provide a link to a recent post from Shuu regarding the alliance and our merger. I hope you’ll feel welcome enough to call our place home.



Thanks … only been playing about 3+ weeks and I’ve been fighting a lot and raiding as often as possible. Usually tilting at windmills (lol) quite a bit but I end up winning a lot of raids (it’s way cheaper to fight a bigger opponent than spend hams to reroll). Thus the cup score.

I still don’t have a really strong team yet but have so many potentials on the roster that I need to level up. Been trying but the hardest part seems to be getting enough actual feeder heroes (not recruits).and getting the heroes specials to go up before they max :disappointed:

Let me finish up this Titan and see where things end up here. Right now it seems like there aren’t a ton in the alliance fighting, but it’s early so.

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You’re ambition and activity are ideal for our group…it explains why you’ve climbed the experience and learning curves so quickly! Nicely done!

For our group, Titans are the big thing, Alliance Wars are optional. There are 9 of us in the current war. It’s my first and I’ve learned a ton regarding how the mechanics work and why the “deep bench” of 30 heroes is important.

Have a good Titan fight. I hope we’ll hear from you.


Hi @Landis

Well, I have been participating on the alliance I joined but it seems a bit haphazard from a leadership perspective and the participation on the Alliance war front seems lackluster. There are currently people with 5-6 flags left on a war where we are down 600+ points with 8 hours left.

I suppose if the war is optional I wouldn’t mind so much but it is really starting to feel like it’s a mismatch for me. If we as an alliance are going to war we should all at least try. But not let people be counted as active war participants for matchmaking and then they blow off joining in on the fighting. Ugh.

I read about your alliance and notice your alliance is not participating in wars right now. Is that something that you guys plan to change anytime soon? I am definitely interested in fighting the titans so that is a match for me and would be interested in contributing there even without the alliance war aspect (assuming alliance war partipation is an eventual goal for your group).

Do you guys use the in game chat to communicate or are you using some thing else?

Let me know if there’s any additional info you can provide on how your group operates. I suppose I am looking for a tad more structure, opportunities to learn without it being too too regimented.

I am also pretty active in the game every day (telework from home everyday so I spent a lot of time in it throughout the day, lol.)


Hey, Robin, so glad to hear from you! Apologies for the delayed reply. I’m sorry to hear about the dissatisfaction with things but am selfishly super happy.

So here’s the deal…

  • Alliance is participating in wars.
  • Each member can opt in or out of wars.
  • There are some folks who occasionally are on the battlefield without hitting, but I wouldn’t call it a major issue.
  • We’re pretty regularly handling 5* and 6* Titans with almost everyone always contributing.
  • Leadership is solid and kind.
  • There’s plenty of in game chat for advice, etc.
  • The alliance also uses the Line chat app for personal or other comms that require more robust capabilities but it’s by no means required.

Look up Technicolor Minds and request to join, and I or someone else will get you through the door. I’ll give everyone the heads up and hope to see you soon!

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Okay, Robin, I’ve put word out to the other members to keep an eye out for your request.

One thing in our wars you may notice is that some of the higher power members wait until later to use their flags. We don’t have any particular strategy or team philosophy on wars like some of the more intensive alliances do, nobody acting as Warlord, etc. As such, everyone takes their own approach, some folks wait until later to see where they might best contribute.

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Hello @Peppermint / Robin, this is Shuu, Squire of Dauros, I am the alliance leader of Technicolor Minds.

@Landis have taken the time to build upon a philosophy of how what he saw as a good and helpful and alliance when he created Lone Hunters. Perhaps through the relatively lack of progress or new players who shared his views, he looked to find other alliances to join forces with. Eventually through a chance meeting through another forum post, he has agreed to join us and have convinced most of his active players to come on aboard.

Technically speaking, we weren’t that big of an alliance ourselves, but we saw the benefit of combining forces as we are constantly recruiting and our biggest hurdles were to try to compete against other alliance recruitment pitches who are downing high level Titans. So when @Landis and his Lone Hunters agreed to join, it was like a godsend and to this day I am still very grateful for his input, and all the alliance mates he brought along with him are active, valuable and consistent contributors to this very day.

I see you may have taken some time to read about how our alliance was created. Gist of it is that myself and a core group of 10 or so of us were not happy with the absentee leadership in our old alliance and we took the chance (and good thing we did) to form our own. We didn’t like alliance wars that lacked any sort of structure in our old alliance, but in the new one, I opted to let those members willing to try them to have the liberty to decide for themselves whether war is for them. So as it currently stands, about half of our alliance members are doing the alliance wars and earning war loots. Our alliance is a casual one, so no real strategy is really devised on wars, but for the most part, those that opted in would use all their flags like @Landis said.

Our common goals, focus, and frequent subject of discussion is still on the Titans, Which to me is a common opponent that does not involve any sort of divide and conquer, but rather a single target of attrition of our resources.

We aren’t a top alliance and nor are we an extremely competitive one, but believe in steady growth and strength in numbers. We will welcome any active, mature players, willing to grow and stay for the long term to join our ranks. Our numbers recently increased to 23, so space are filling up and everyone is more or less actively contributing (chatty or silent), which was something I could only dream of back in my old alliance.

If you are hoping to get things worked out in your current alliance, we will respect that decision. But if somehow you feel the need for a change, we would love to have you on board.

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