Lone Hunters - an experiment for casual newbies and newer players


So here’s the deal…

Q: Why does Lone Hunters exist?
A: It serves as a safe place for casual newbies who want the benefits of hunting Titans without the pressure of a more intensive alliance so they can feel free to go at their own pace and do their own thing.

Q: Why are we seeking new members?
A: We’ve hit our first Titan that had over 100k health points and our small, merry band wasn’t able to kill it off…we got some minor loot but no advancement on our Titan chests…bummer.

Q: What are the expectations?
A: There are no expectations, really. Your frequency and intensity of play won’t really be an issue unless we run out of spots. Well, and don’t be a jerk to anyone…be a kind team player even though you’re out there doing your own thing.

Q: What can members expect from the alliance leader?
A: Expect thoughtful, encouraging communication, especially around the hunting of Titans to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get in on the loot and advancing his/her Titan Chest.

Q: Will members be expected to be “super chatty and social”?
A: Not at all, that’s the whole point. Unless someone is specifically seeking input or feedback, I don’t expect anyone to reply at all. This is one of the aspects of “intensity” that can become burdensome in some alliances for those who are just trying to feel out the game.

Q: Is the alliance aiming toward Alliance Wars (AW)?
A: We’re not heading that direction by design. If we get to a certain point, we can take a vote to see what everyone wants to do. It seems the whole macro-strategy/AW aspect can be a bit overwhelming for newer players (at least it was for me). Let’s focus on getting Titan loot.

Q: What happens when the leader/senior members of the alliance get to a level where I’m constantly getting crushed by the Titans we face?
A: Here’s the experiment part. My vision would be that when the leaders/senior members achieve high enough levels they start facing higher level Titans, they should transition alliance leadership to other, lower level members, and seek out a new home or start another alliance that is more level/experience appropriate.

Q: What’s the max player level or trophy count?
A: I have no idea yet; I’m learning like everyone else and hope to figure that type of thing out in a naturally occurring way.

If I’ve left anything unanswered, I apologize…please let me know what questions you have. Otherwise, here’s hoping we can provide a happy home for some of you other casual newbies.

Happy Hunting!

Seeking special alliance

I want to welcome our newest members and thank them for boosting us so quickly. We are just now facing our first 2 star Titan…and need more help!

If you’re looking for a place to be an active Titan hunter but not get caught up in Alliance Wars and massive performance pressure, Lone Hunters is the place for you. We communicate through the alliance chat feature in the game, no need to download Line or other messaging apps.

We await your arrival…Happy Hunting!


Calling Marta…please send through your join request again. Something went wrong when I tried to accept you in…apologies.