Lone Alaskans has four open spots - 10* to 11* titans - Any team power allowed

We have four open spots for players of ANY level and being from Alaska is not a requirement. We’re fighting 10-11* titans right now. We just killed an 11* Blue rare titan. With your help we can consistently take down 11* titans and maybe even move to 12* titans.

Choosing to participate in the war is up to you. If you do participate we ask that you make a very strong effort to use all 6 war flags. This is a team effort and people that leave flags are only hurting the team. Anybody consistently leaving all 6 flags over 3 consecutive wars will be booted to protect the team effort. We understand there are things that happen in real life that prevent use of flags once in a while. If you’re going to be gone, just uncheck the war box. It’s that easy! Because of our excellent participation level we have been filling war chests very quickly. Just filled another one today!!

We have lots of seasoned players that are willing to help with any questions or advice you may need. Don’t hesitate to join or create discussions. Line is NOT required but is nice to have.

Feel free to hit me up here on the forums or my line ID is: turbolover22
Alliance name is currently “LoEN Alaskans” as a tribute to our war enemies. After the war it will go back to Lone Alaskans

Hurry before Mythic Titan Arrives

We still have four open spots.

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