Login error google play games

Every time I sign in to the Google to save my current level I get this message.

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Here is Petri’s advice for dealing with Google Play connection problems

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This has been doing this since I updated to new update. Clearing cache didn’t help.

And you followed the rest of the steps in that linked article too? Then I’d definitely open a support ticket. That’s your best bet to get further help. Just in case you need it, here’s how to do that:

Same for me on all my accounts, with (android) or without (IOS) update

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@GrandGousier If you’ve updated on one platform and not the other, that can also cause issues (though I’m unclear on whether this is the same reason you’re having problems):

Don’t see why. Not the same devices and not the same accounts :slight_smile:

Ah, got it. I thought you meant you’d updated on one device and not the other, but for the same game account.

No joy for me logging on and right in the middle of war!!! :rage:


Back. For me it’s not a SG problem. My provider (Orange) has an enormous bug on all the online games connections and they think it can take 3 days to fix it. If other people have the same provider, they have the answer.

Where did you see about the bug for Orange users?

I’m on EE and can log on to every other app I have. Just E&P not working. :pensive:

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I’m on EE too. Everything works fine game wise, google service wise etc etc. Cleared caches data et etc. Its just E&P that won’t connect.

Well there’s definitely a problem, right in the middle of war!!!

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@ghanri i had their technical service by phone. But it seems that some orange users are not concerned, as i have the 2 cases in my alliance : working an not working. And for me it works with 4G

Same here, I’m on EE and I have not been able to connect :cry:

Ps: :wink:

Same problem for me. Can’t log in. Tried clearing the cache etc and updating the app and resetting the device but no luck. I am on ee so not sure if that is the reason.

Shame, was really enjoying the game

Same here. Login issues in the uk. Rebooted device and router

It says use the in game support to raise a problem…but we cant get into the game to get into the support page to raise the problem…SO what now…sit and wait for someone to get it sorted, whilst war is possibly lost because alliance members are unable to play…what a pile of pooh

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You can use this link:


Also, underneath every article on the support website is a link to submit a support ticket.

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