Logging reasons why people quit E&P

Been thinking about this for a while. Whenever you know someone quit the game post about it here. Maybe losing enough paying customers will change things for the better.

My forum name is the same as my in game name, the the devs can look me up if they care to see who left today and then see how much that person had spent.

March 8, 2019 - paying alliance member quit because of frustration over not getting ascension items. Can’t say I blame him.

Boredom – Had two longtime alliance members quit because they got bored with the gameplay.
They both moved to Helios Inn (which serves as a parking lot, lets people play if they want without pressure)

Family - Had an ailing alliance member leave to spend time with family

Busy with work/life drama - Two players couldn’t spent time in game, and felt their lack of availability was letting the alliance down, so they too moved to the Inn.

School drama / Device taken away – A member got their device taken away by their mother (another former member, mentioned in #3) and they stopped playing even after the device was recovered. Moved to Inn.

All of these people know they’re welcome to come back, but these are 4 different reasons why people quit our alliance in recent history.

It’s a game. People move on simple as that. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. I’ve been livid at the game before but I get over it. If I dont then I guess I’ll move on when the enjoyment runs out.

Right now I dont forsee that.

March 6/18
3 members quit due to field aid.

Known a few that quit over real life issues, 1 rage quit after no 5* heroes in five x10s after many previous attempts, one currently considering stepping back over ascension mats as he has 3 darks at 3/70 and another in 3rd tier; only 5 tabards.

Mar 8/19

Another bites the dust due to very small odds on pulls. Today was their final straw after spending money today for five 10 pulls and getting three 4s and fourty seven 3s.

Seems like a passive-aggressive place for people to say they know people who quit over things they don’t like.


Or a good place to log reasons that people quit that is easily accessible to the devs. I’d say you’re a lot off topic.

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If we are payinf for game then they should give good things not ■■■■ and they are to greedy just looking for money and not taking care about players

LOL…that’s hilarious.

It would be except that they quit in the middle of war. 14 flags left between them.

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Then dont play or adjust your expectations? Think they are greedy? Then dont spend money. Not happy with your alliance? Change. Want to be a top player and your not? Then change your expectations.

I get the feeling that people leaving fall into 2 categories: regret purchases and want to be the best without spending money.

How many threads are needed on the exact same topic?

  1. People don’t understand that random means unpredictable, and get disappointed when they anticipate something that subsequently doesn’t happen within the timeframe they’ve allowed.

  2. People spend money trying to shorten the timeframe from (1), but still don’t understand random means unpredictable.