[Log] War rules- Attack Boost, August 24 Saturday

[Log] War rules

War rules

Old wars

Field Aid, July 27 Saturday
Field Aid, July 31 Wednesday
Attack Boost, August 3 Saturday
Attack Boost, August 7 Wednesday
Arrow Barrage, August 10 Saturday
Arrow Barrage, August 14 Wednesday

Field Aid, August 17 Saturday
Field Aid, August 21 Wednesday
Attack Boost, August 24 Saturday


I have a weird play style. War matchmaking sucks. Each war rule should have custom matchmaking.

My alliance wins more Field Aid wars without me ( few snipers and HotM )

Lose more Attack Boost without me ( playing 2 years ).

Same win/ loss for Arrow Barrage ( Yay Rigard and Melendor clones! ).

Since I do not need war loot, but my alliance does, I want to only fight in Attack Boost.

War rules go in a cycle.

Once matchmaking is complete, you can choose to opt in, or opt out, for the NEXT war.


If I post on the forums, will the war rule be the same for everyone?

If yes, I will post here.

If no, I will keep a private log.


Yes, they will be

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It’s 2 arrows, 2 field aid, 2 attack boost.

Same order for everyone, every war is the same for everybody.


Yes!! I appreciate any information we can get from you.


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