Log of 4* mats drop rates

When contacting customer support, and you are complaining about drop rate for 4* mats they should be able to tell you the last 2 or more times you received a 4* drop. Instead of saying the usual weasel words of: we’ve been through your logs and found no discrepancy in drop rates.

I ve been through nice phases were i might get a nice drop once a week but when it stretches into months between drops after getting strings of A+ on titans, and all i get is titans kidney stones.

Indeed, I think you should have a log for all your free 4* mats.

you know you have access to your own log in Menu > Options > Support > Recent Activity, right ?

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Thank you for this but given the length of this log, ie lists only the last few days of activity, and my drop rate, that log is no where near long enough. It has literally been months since my last drop. Either you are trying to insult my intelligence or you misunderstood what my complaint is

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I would love if the game tracked things for us (win rate, use rate) but I have no expectation that SG would tell me when I’ve received certain loot historically. This is why many do their own tracking. I’ve done some in the past but it’s too tedious to keep it up.

oops, my bad. I certainly don’t want to insult anybody !

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this is the way

even if smallgiant did give us datasheets for long periods of time showing our mat drops etc, people
wouldn’t believe them, call them fake, etc etc so wouldn’t change anything, just give another complaint for people to post in the forum…


That is one of the silliest arguments yet. It would be so easy to verify the drop if it ever occurred. In my case it never occurs, so my log would be empty. This is the real reason sg would not do it is so people would be able to see how tight fisted sg has become

Twenty and a bit falsehoods

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Em. Are you that angry ??? It sounds a little atrabilious…

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Not angry. Just saying the argument was silly. It’d be so easy to verify. That’s all :slight_smile:

I must say I am learning don’t criticize small giant, all their minions will come out and attack. Especially never ask small giant prove how “random “ their drop rates are.

I seriously hope you’re all paid very well.



I dont know how she fits into the argument but she made me happy. Thank you

lol if you actually cared, you’d do the work yourself and not expect others to do it for you.

you’ll lose this argument.

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he’s just another case of another delusional player making false claims.

he has no clue what his drop rates are and cares enough to ask others to do the work for him to keep track, but not enough to just track it himself.

probly as sad of a case as a human as he is a player from the sounds of it.

get better is all i can advise him.


This is a remarkably lazy request. In my time of playing, and of being a member of this forum I have seen a lot, but this request is up there with the worst of them.

Does @Xisinia know that there are other players who actually take time out of their lives to make charts and calendars, and all kinds of things to help all players?

Asking a business to do what you could easily do, is laughable.

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If it helps here is my log from my ftp account today

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And that is exclusively your experience, nobody elses. It proves absolutely nothing well done :slight_smile:

Firstly, re: the OP, this is information that SG presumably has / can easily look up and it might be nice for folks who would like to know without spreadsheeting all their own drops.

Secondly… you know, it can be frustrating to come here and find that there is a subset of forumites who will tell you “you’re playing wrong,” whether it’s having a problem with an event, challenging conventional wisdom about heroes, or just making a suggestion that might make gameplay easier or more convenient for players (and in a way that presumably would be of minimal cost to SG).

So yeah, I’m a little tired of being told “tHiS gAmE iS a bUsInEsS aNd iT hAs tO mAkE mOnEY aNd yOu DONT UNDERSTAND LOL.” Asking for minimal QoL improvements to improve customer satisfaction might just well be good business too

…unless anything from the pre-Gordon-Gekko era is just too hopelessly old fashioned?


The requested log would be worthless. Without counting the opened chests, tournament results, titan level, your ranking etc. it doesn’t proof anything. An active player with good results should be able to get at least 2x 4* mats a week, but this requires time and effort.