Log in issue

I can’t log into e&p game I’ve tried everything I know plz help .I’m the leader of wildlings it’s total failure if I’m not there plz reply as this is alot of my time and money to invested .

First, what you get when try to log in… Black screen? Error message?

Contact SG support


When I turn off wifi it logs right in when I turn on wifi it goes to connecting screen no further.

So maybe your WLAN connection has a problem?

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No everything works in my house and on my phone but e&p game .Facebook logs right in fire TV works they both require wifi.

Sorry to ask this questions did you have the latest version of the game and the last security patches from your phone?

If yes then get into the game without wifi check if your account is combined with google play and then reinstall the game. Further more you can plug out your router an plug it in again to see if something changed.

If that all still not work you have to kontakt SG if you havent already

Ok I will try that and let you know thx for your patience.

I unplugged my router it fixed it phone now logs in to game no worries thx again .

Nice to hear :smiley:

(working at telekom here in germany and seems to profit xD)

I would advice you to contact support with your account in the meantime like above under