Locking of the costume

It’s impossible to lock the costume from being eaten.

It won’t let you eat the last of a costume. I got an error message when I was mucking around and levelling up using a duplicate.



Yes, it’s so, but how you will distinguish level-ed up costume that you don’t want to eat from duplicate of the 1st level that you want to feed? I don’t agree that that the last costume can’t be eaten is the solution! Look at your screenshot. You have two Brienne’s costumes, they looks absolutely the same, doesn’t matter 1st level or the max level… I don’t want to eat the costume with the max level by mistake.

The costume has no levels.

Levels are independent of the costume and are unique to the hero.

Check the FAQs. Questions 2 & 3 specifically.

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You contradict by yourself. Look at your screenshot. You are trying there to level up the costume…


1. My hero now is at 1-1!!

  • yes, costumes must be levelled up too! (Didn’t think you’d get it for nothing…?) Note with levelling a costume that it is capped in ascension to the same point as the underlying hero.

Or maybe level-ing up of the costume is tied to the hero, and if I will level up the costume for first hero with max level, and then put on this level-ed up costume to the duplicate of the hero (yes, with max level too), so for the second hero the costume will be 1st level, and I need to level up the same costume for the second hero?

No… Like… No

When you get the costume it automatically applies to every single hero that it can apply to.

you only need one version of the costume from the summons gate to cover off every single one of that hero in your roster.

You then have to level the costume side of each hero individually… There is no costume level carry over… It is 100% unique to each Hero.


Thank you. You clarified. It’s not a bug. It’s my misunderstanding.


It is the same as having a mold for a product.

The same costume is available to the same multiple heroes.
But leveling of the costume is dependent of the said individual unique hero and for the rest of the duplicates.

e.g. you have 2x Rigards
First Rigard (maxed) - you can also max the costume
Second Rigard (2/30) - you can only level the costume to the max of tier 2 (2/60)

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