Locking Advance Buildings

We should have the opition, like with heroes, to lock converted advance buildings under the question mark button. This would keep the accidental unconverting of a building we put lots of time and material to level up.

I hope this hasn’t been a topic yet, I triple checked to make sure , I found no search results yet.

I’m not sure what you mean…
But you can just simply convert it back(with no costs) as long as you have a free builder…
Also I don’t see any use because it’s helpful to have the possibility of swapping buildings according to you necessities…
But can you please elaborate your idea a little bit further?

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You mean I could, for example, convert my AL back to a forge and then without costs again to a fully leveld AL? (Or to the same level my AL was before I converted it back?)

Yes, exactly. All you need is a free builder. It takes 10 seconds to switch.


Oh great, I didn’t know that. I was also afraid I would lose all my progress from the advanced building, so I never tried. Good to know, just in case I might be needing two forges at the same time again.


So my example would compare the buildings with heros. Each hero has the option to lock them when you select them in your hero list, which removes them as an option when trying to level other heroes, as they are marked as favorite.

Keeping this in mind each building has a question mark button. If you clicked it a check box could come up under the description to lock the advance building as a favorite and remove the convert button, which is conveniently located next to the upgrade button. You could simply uncheck the box and fonver back if youd like.

I dont like seeing this opition as I’ve converted buildings I dont plan on converting back to. More of a cosmetic update as we are going to get more advance buildings.

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Nothing to vote for, since it isn’t necessary, cause one won’t lose any progress by converting any buildings back and forward.


Awesome thanks for the clarification. Never had a full to convert and possibly lose progress.


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