Locked team in war issue

In our war, a player is offline but has a team locked up and we can’t Reset them due to it.

How long has it been locked? There’s generally something like a 15min timeout.

I don’t know if this has changed, but we experimented once, and determined that in normal circumstances the reservation timed out after 2 minutes, even if the player were still actively online and selecting a team during that time.

Interesting. We had one run significantly longer…which might have been a bug, I guess.

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Is the OP talking about the reservation or the one actually hitting? I’ve never seen a reservation last that long, but I have experienced an instance where one of our alliance members got kicked offline just as he started the attack. It locked him into that attack for the remainder of the war (several hours). It was the last team on the field and we were not able to reset.

I reported this in the bug section somewhere but it’s been months ago…

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It was a reservation. Went away after about 10-15 minutes and we ended up getting the reset. Just weird it was reserved but the player was showing offline


That is consistent with my experience on the length of lock when someone DCs. Glad it worked out for you!

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