Locked 1*-heroes are not sorted well in Hero Roster

I have locked 3 Fletchers to use them with Hunter’s Lodge lvl 3 shields, and this is how ugly sort order in my Hero Roster looks now. Please note that all Fletchers on the screenshot are equal except that 3 are locked and the rest are not.
“Sort by Element” is selected, iOS, v. 27.0.0 build 714.

It would be nice to implicitly order heroes by the “Locked” flag if all the other fields affecting sort order are equal.


Don’t think it’s a bug tbh as the “sorting” is filling the applied rules (colour then power)… Just that the power of the bottom ones are all the same so it’s somewhat random.

I could move this to #ideas-feature-requests if you’d like so that it can garner support from the community & get votes?

Another annoying thing with locked heroes is that they don’t stay in the same spot… So one time they’ll be as pictured but then if you go out of the roster & come back in, they’ll be in a different spot :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. welcome to the forum @coolme

Yes, it would make sense. Thank you!

In a way it is similar to troops

But I guess the troops’ case is worse!

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All moved :slight_smile:

I use them to raise a hero who has more stars. Raise the level of Tyrum.

that is how we do it, too. there is a reason for him to keep them locked and the order is annoying. i have the same issue

I find that they stay in the same spot, but when you get a new multiple, it gets randomly shuffled in between. It isn’t just a 1 star issue. I have some untouched 4*s that I plan on leveling if I get the chance, but if I pull another duplicate, it sometimes appears somewhere between the locked heroes. Seems like a basic thing to sort all the locked heroes together to prevent that from happening. More an annoyance than anything else.


correct, 20 confirming chars

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