Lock your heroes! A sad story

First thing I do with any heroes I plan on keeping. They’re too rare to risk feeding them to someone else.

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Reminds me of the Banefeeders thread…

One of my old alliance mates had his son get his phone while he was sleeping. Poor guy woke up to find half his roster missing. His kid fed maxed 5*s, including Guinevere, to Aife!

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The lesson here is: don’t have kids.



Or put a passcode/ lock on your phone…?

I mean with the current tech is it really that hard to put in Finger-Print scanner (more recent phones… 2-3 years old) and the older ones the Pin-Code?


Every time I see a horror story like this, I always ask everyone who can sympathize to please vote for this feature to be implemented:


Ouchy! Vela in my opinion is so frickin awesome. That really stinks

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If that happens with my kids, that’s the last day they will see the iPad for 5 years.

Android has better fix…lock the entire app with an applock…but do not ever forget the pass code!

For IOS…:thinking:… Best to move the E&P app from the game group, create a folder call say bank apps and hide it amongst some official apps like bank app, excel word etc :grin:.
This is after you have safely locked your heroes.

And of course set time lock on your phone. Well to use my phone, my kid would normally request to use my face ID but then I’m always within range.


Why people don’t lock their phones in general is completely beyond me. Your kids doing some stuff in a game isn’t the worse thing that could happen. Just consider it a harsh lesson to ingrain some security awareness. And yes: lock your heroes!

Note that many kids know the passcodes, either from being told or from observing their parents entering it.

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Hence fingerprints :stuck_out_tongue:

Passcodes can also be changed… Just saying but there are ways.

mine would be sent to a foster home. making a new one is easy, getting a past HOTM is almost impossible.


Yeah, I went through my entire roster today and locked the heroes I don’t want to accidentally feed off.


I am so sick of farming 8-7 that I contract most of my farming to my 8- and 5-year olds.

The worst that has happened to me so far is that they spent 500 gems to change my name. I have all my heros locked and rarely have more than a few gems, so I don’t see the risk.

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If I’ve done an event summon in the middle of the night (too eager), I’ll even lock all of the 3 stars i get, just so I can go through my roster more carefully when I’m fully awake.

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Having kids is the reason I started playing this game. I sat up many nights with a newborn in a rocking chair bored off my gourd multiple times a night. Downloaded E&P and boom, the wifey was wondering why I was rushing to check the baby…gotta fill my raid chests…and hit the titan…and don’t let my World Energy max out…oh snap, gotta change a diaper!


I don’t know why, but I actually prefer Acheron Island Stage 10 of Season 2 as my go-to stage.

I will say also that if you have a valuable Troop, it would be wise to lock those, as well.

You can lock troops by going to the Barracks and selecting the Troops icon from the Barracks sub-icons:

From the list of troops, select the “?” in the upper right corner of the Troop you want to lock:

The lock icon appears in the upper left of the troop whose “?” was selected:


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