Lock/Unlock The Ability for a Duplicate Hero

I am so damn sick of duplicate heroes. I know many of you all are too. I think we also all know that SG is NEVER going to fix the flawed Hero Academy system they made.

I have been (semi) lucky the past few months and have gotten four 5* heroes from various pulls with spending very little amount of money lately. The four heroes? Well three of them are duplicate season 1 heroes that i already had two of when i summoned them. So now i have three 1/1 copies of them all. The 4th hero was tonight.

I only did one Atlantis summon and i was got so ■■■■■■■ lucky!! A non s1 5*!

It’s Inari… a hero I already have at 3/70 and also a hero I absolutely despise for being so useless except for tile damage. What i don’t have are any of the other 3 featured Atlantis heroes this month. Cool.

So basically all my “luck” is a big ole punch in the face and I’m left with nothing new or useful.

So what I am suggesting is outside of Hero Academy. Y’all know when you click on a hero in your inventory and you can manually lock/unlock a hero to make sure you don’t actually feed it away? Well, what if we include a new function in that same area where you can turn off whether or not you’d like to receive duplicates of this hero or not.

Other heroes you have not obtained will still be at the same difficult percentage level but it will help make sure you can work on collecting more heroes you may not have. If you turn off duplicate heroes for every hero in a specific rarity level for that summon portal, then it gives you back a trainer hero suitable for that rarity level. I think this is a very fair compromise. 5* heroes will still be just as hard to obtain, but now you won’t want to quit the game because the 1 time you get lucky in months is not wasted on complete ■■■■■■■■.

We all spend so much time and energy (and for some money) in this game and it really sucks that some people may only get a 5* hero once every like 6 months. Why is SG trying to ■■■■ over their loyal player by potentially screwing over that one lucky moment a player may have out of the months and months and months that they play this game? Something really needs to be done about this.

I will never feed away a 5* hero aimlessly. I feel too bad because it’s so hard to get a 5*. I have way to many s1 5* heroes to put through HA10. Since the odds and summon time for HA10 are so bad, I’ll never deplete my s1 dups I have. Since non s1 5* heroes don’t produce another non s1 5* hero, it’s absolutely pointless for me to put one in when it’ll just return a s1 hero and I’m already putting s1 heroes in.

So that means Inari will forever just sit in my inventory wasting space. It’s so stupid. One rarely ever gets the chance to get a 5* and the past 4 times I do, it’s a damn duplicate. Good for nothing. It completely ruins the fun and excitement of getting a 5*

This would be a nice feature, especially if there were no 3* in the epic hero summon portal. I don’t even spend gems on it anymore because I get so many 3* and duplicates :frowning:

I dunno if I will be recategorizing your original post or edit the thread title. More than half of what you’ve written is plainly a rant and not much really to support your idea:

Regrettably, that’s not how summoning works. It is messing with the element of luck. Have you seen a die where a certain side is removed just for the sake of eliminating having the chance of getting that certain specific side?

On your thread title alone, I thought it meant that if you have a duplicate hero being fed to the same hero that was already leveled, the latter will gain some additional ability. For example, I have 5 Reubens ridiculously given to me by the game last month out from free pulls using keys, tokens and coins. No gems. So, if I get to max Reuben (1st) to 4/80 (my 1st one is at 3/70), feeding a dupe Reuben (2nd) to him would give him additional abilities or an enhancement of skills, i.e. from his 215% damage to target and nearby and 50% reduction to damage from DoT to 265% damage to target and nearby (yes, a 50% increase) and 60% reduction to damage from DoT (yes, a 10% additional reduction), and feeding another dupe Reuben (3rd) would make my maxed Reuben (1st) deal 315% damage to target and nearby and 70% reduction to damage from DoT, and feeding another dupe Reuben (4th) would make his skills deal 365% damage to target and nearby and 80% reduction to damage from DoT, and feeding another dupe Reuben (my 5th and last) would make my maxed Reuben (1st) deal 415% damage to target and nearby and 90% reduction to damage from DoT. Emblems would improve further Reuben’s stats. It’s not necessarily an increase of skill damage multiplier by 50%. It may be lower, or it lowers gradually the more dupe heroes you feed on the same hero. Anything that can make the 1st hero improve something in it than having those dupes waste roster space. You get my idea. This would certainly get a huge use of dupe heroes, addressing this long-time concern of dupe legendaries. I would vote for that and even campaign for it for SG to make it happen.

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How about unlocking a trade or donate option in the hero academy. So within your alliance you could swap hero’s or donate them. At the very least make an option to convert them into limit break materials.

I played Star trek timelines another mobile game until i got bored of it. Where you can level up a legendary to level 100 1/5 but the only way you could max them out is combining 5 copies of them to get the maximum stats that they had, then they were 5/5 level 100 I propose doing something similar where you if got multiple copies you can combine them so if you had 5 copies you could combine them and get a 5* level 1 hero so you can get a stronger team but dont use ascension materials to get the hero there.

How about an option to throw in two 5* for a guaranteed non-duplicate (based on time of redemption)? If you already have every possible option for HA10, then it will be purely random.

Costly as heck, but at least it will provide something new. And in terms of costs, SG will definitely get more money as people spam and throw all their unwanted or duplicate 5*s to get something else.

Any news? @Staff_SGG