LOBSTER STEW - Two (plus) Years of Hot Titan Stew - Two Spoons Available

We flew by the Two Year Anniversary of Lobster Stew without noticing back in Feb.

Initial core is still heavily represented and the spirit of the team is as strong as ever. New additions have brought good ideas and helped maintain the supportive environment.

You will PROBABLY enjoy our wars and titans more if your Team Power is higher than what the banner says but we know that every one of us started somewhere.

We span the globe and therefore do not have onerous war requirements, just use all the flags if you opt in and match tanks. The basics.

We have a Line group which helps with sharing rosters, videos (especially friendly intra-alliance battles) and helpful tips.

Titans Taste like Lobster Stew…(the dragons do, the Kraken tastes like octopus, makes a fine Stew but best grilled with a light char, some olive oil and capers go well, …mmmmmm)

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