LOBSTER STEW - One Year Anniversary of Titan Tasting - Two Spots Open

Lobster Stew was founded a year ago this week and it was interesting to look at the alliance’s progress. If you would like to progress while having a supportive team to play with, come take a look.

Personal . . . . Level 38 —> Level 61
Team . . . . . . .Lvl 21-45 —> Lvl 29-61
Median Lvl . . Lvl 31 —> Lvl 47

We have now killed a 10* Rare Ancient Tiger. Usually kill standard 10* titans, still striving on 11*.

LOBSTER STEW - What Titans Taste Like!

We would like to have you join if:

  • You are friendly
  • You think the game is a fun game
  • You like to learn and share what you’ve learned

We offer:

  • Supportive, friendly environment with a wide range of players, from Europe, NE Asia and all parts of North America
  • Strong alliance to win decent loot
  • Coaching for questions you may have on various aspects of gameplay

Just spawned a 10* Thunder Unicorn if someone is interested in extra shot at Scopes.

(Against me personal interest in saying this but, I have YET to get a single one of the Bonus Chance materials from a rare titan during almost two years of playing). Grrrrrr

Just dropped by to say Happy One year Anniversary to your alliance! A fantastic feat - Congrats :partying_face::tada:

Thank you so much @Sarah2,

Felt unprepared initially but was fortunate that some very good people came along right from the start. We’ve been able to nurture some newbies into formidable players, had some very nice people join and been able to enjoy the process.

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