Loading time heros

My alliance and I have now discovered several times that defending heroes do not always load their special abilities correctly. For example, we have observed that a hero in the center charged on the first 6 stones, but not on the following 6 stones. All 12 stones had gone in one go. Actually the hero should have been fully loaded, but he just stopped in the middle.

Is there an explanation for this? That shouldn’t be, should it?

I’m not sure I get this right… Are you trying to say that you hit the tank with a 12 tiles cascade and it did not fully charge? Who was the tank? Maybe a very slow mana generator? Like Alfrike or Boss Wolf? There are many effects that stop mana generation, but none should start in the middle of a cascade…

I noticed once, that after a few cascades during one turn enemy heroes stopped generating their mana. You cannot stop cascades of tiles, so I think it is one of the mechanics preventing an enemy team from being fully charged while cascading.
(Still I don’t know if this explains OP’s problem…)

Exactly. With each cascade, mana gain from tiles slows down for defending heroes.

So the mana a hero gains from e.g. 12 tiles does not have to be equal in two scenarios, if those tiles in the one scenario where thrown at the hero in 4 moves and the other scenario had a big cascade with 12 tiles in 1 move.

In my example it was Evelyne, which was the tank in the middle. The scenario was a big cascade with maybe 15 tiles in 1 move. Unfortunately I can’t tell anymore if she was not charged after 6 tiles or 9 tiles. In any case she should have charged completely in my opinion, because there were a lot of tiles. But I didn’t know that heroes don’t recharge any more. I always thought that they charge the same amount of mana. But in this case evelyn probably charged wrong. Her mana stopped in the middle at about 15 tiles.

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