LMFAO Field Assist Heals *my* Vlad!

I know Vlad is not terribly useful. But because he was the first seasonal Hero I received, I leveled him anyway and sometimes use him in wars.

And tonight I discovered that when Field Assist heals someone he’s bitten, HE GETS HEALED TOO!


This would likely work with Valeria too, but I don’t have her. Not sure about Victor.

The highlight of my evening.

ETA: He’s slightly less useless in cleanup because of his Very Fast mana. One purple match down an empty column and he bites again. Go Vlad!!!


Sounds like I need to level my Vlad/Val.

Just took on a team with Alby and Mother North in each corner with field aid, didn’t stand a chance.

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@Shallab remember Vlad is unlikely to kill anyone by himself. But he can keep you alive long enough to win with tiles.

I have maxed him talent lvl8. (It was cheap so I thought what the heck. His health/def is pretty high. He just rocked it in my last battle or the war. Took out maxed Hu tao. Stacked 4 on attack and Tao got no healing. My rare team is now just under 2700. I have to say it was fun! I’ve always liked underdogs. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, because few will max him his talents are direct hit dodge+12, +2% mana, (yep super fast) plus obvious boosts to health. Atk.398 def 504 and health 891.

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