LJ or Mel for next level

With alliance wars, much more is being said about defense.

I have those two green four* with enough to raise one to 4^…which one?

My first thought was how an ascended Mel would improve the 3^ Sabina I am using now, but there is the fact Little John is a rare green shooter…a slow squishy shooter, but…

Opinions pls.

LJ is one of the only 4* I don’t have, but used to face him in raids a good bit. Against 4* attackers he can be a royal pain! But Melendor is a very nice healer/debuffer, same as Sabina. I’d say lvl Mel and Sabina as soon as you can, as you always need healers while doing AW attacks.

For AW better Melendor.
For events better LJ.

What’s more important to you?

I’d rather have Mel.

Mel is gonna be the one. I am not an event guy. War is my focus.

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I chose Mel first. I have a 2nd Mel and I’m debating choosing him again over my 3/60 LJ.

Melendor would be more helpful in most cases

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