LIVESTREAM - Alliance War: Xtreme Panda VS Dirty Dancers

Hey everyone! I will be doing my first official livestream today at noon EST (12:00 pm in New York City, for those around the world). I’ll be streaming my war hits. Please feel free to jump on, chat and meet some new people from around the E&P world. Here is the link, but I highly recommend going to YouTubr so you can join the chat. See you soon!

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@Guvnor isn’t there a way for that to change based on what time zone the user reading it is in?

Thought zephyr was doin fancy :poop: like that

@NittanyLionRoar i wish we would have been your first stream opponents but cant always get what we want, hopefully next meetup you’ll make us famous though! I’ll try to tune in today but gotta run errands so might miss it




2: add in the date & time. If you want some times to always show you go to advanced mode & select some of the timezones you want:

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