Live streaming War hits - Discussion - Should we care/be bothered?

So I noticed a top 100 alliance have a hashtag with this on it. Got me thinking anyways…

I’ve never considered live streaming war hits would make a difference to the playing experience. Tbh I hadn’t even considered this was a thing people would even want to watch. But different strokes for different folks and all that…

So, back on my own topic…what’s the beef here??? Is this a thing we should be bothered about? Is it just a Top 100 problem? Is it an elaborate joke I fell for?

All possible answers, would love to know what thoughts are on it

Seems like there could be a lot of variables here. That alliance might all be friends IRL, and live streaming would let them all participate, almost like friends watching a sporting event (tips, insults, the whole gamut).

If it wasn’t a top alliance, I could see where it might be useful to help newer players understand various dynamics of gameplay and reacting to developments in real time.

It’s hard to say, but honestly when I read your post my first thought was a bunch of drunken college boys yelling at a screen while a mate plays the match :joy:

But there are possibilities to this.

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I know my alliance just would find it fun to watch our teammates play live and cheer them on like watching a sporting event when all our flags are spent

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I would definitely watch war hits from my teammates. I’m curious how others think and I’d also be interested in their take on my playing. It would definitely enhance the gaming experience.

Now if people stream and get live feedback on which exact moves to make I feel a bit differently. Some consider it cheating. I’m less worried about that. This game already has plenty of people without skill. If all you do is wait to be told exactly what to do with your war hits, you should question why you’re playing the game.

I think this feature would have to either have a delay or you can watch after the fight ends.

Creating a feature to stream war hits will require such effort with low reward that I think the developers will find it not worth their time and resources. So I don’t think it’s worth bothering.

This isn’t a request for it in game. People are live streaming through other mediums already I gather.

So what is the hashtag for?

I assume an alliance feels that a war was influenced by the opponents doing it

Do they break any existing rules? Sometimes I saw my brother doing his war hit beside me and gave him advice. It’s not like we are forbidden to have any discussion during attack.

I don’t understand the ISSUE in the topic being discussed.

There are many people doing Live-Stream of E&P war-hiTs.
UcLaPacK - Dator have live streamed many war hits together, wherein they discuss the straTegY / moVes while plaYinG…

ExpectinG this feature in-Game is time-money-resources wasTaGe & of noT any significant value to play-QoL
buT, I feeL the flip-side is…
It can become a BiG nuisance fairLY quicKly with blame-game - irresponsible play, etc being reason for points loss - waR loSS !

I am aware of alliances asking people to record & upload war-hits onto Line / external APPs being used communicate…
while in ouR alliance, there is brilliant constructive discussion, that helps see moves missed & feedback that helps improve play (personally for me)… this can go the other way too…!

So, feel, it is NoT worth the resources / investment to have the feature in-game, especially, if those who want it can still do it personally / collectively using easy- almost free resources available externaLLy !

Cheers !

Again…no one has asked for it to be a feature.

It was a topic of discussion around whether people already doing this are gaining an advantage and, at the core, is it a problem.

It’s not a problem to me, I rarely even watch the recordings people make in my alliance let alone watch it live.

But since it was a point made on a banner of a well known Top 100 alliance I thought it was interesting to raise

What was the hasgtag, I don’t find it right now.

So some players ask for it to be a feature while some players asking for ban of it?

There’s nothing wrong with it just leave them be there having fun that’s the point. If it’s giving them advantage then evolve.

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#nerflivestreamwarhits & #nohelpneeded

We’re the banner hashtags they put in. I spotted it as a very well known player who normally sits at number 1 is in the alliance and I was looking through some defences


It stems, I believe, from a couple alliances where their members all live stream their war hits via discord and other members watch / contribute.

Does it give them an edge? Potentially. But everyone is also able to do the same thing so not really…

Can sgg stop it? Potentially; I’m not a developer or anything by any stretch of the imagination but I can’t see it being very easy and would have some even more annoying side effects… like probably blocking raid and war hit recordings which would remove any ability to YouTube :joy::joy:

For those interested in the how, you can do it quite easily. Simply:

  1. create / join a discord server
  2. create / join a “speech” channel
  3. when joined, initiate a “screen share” with the channel:

Then others can also join that chat and choose to watch your stream.


Lion Roar has made a point in a past livestream that he doesn’t read chat until after a hit is done so that he doesn’t feel unduly influenced by any comments. that’s his perogative.

Derig TDO streams with an alliance mate, which in and of itself i have no issue with because they’re on the same team. even so, Derig sometimes just goes rogue and you can hear his alliance mate just shrugging and going, “ok then.” :rofl:

i second Guvnor’s point:

i will also add that i’ve watched enough recorded and livestreamed war hits that, once the teams are selected and the fight starts, there really aren’t very many different moves i would have made from what the player actually did. even then, it’s rare that it’s going to make a significant difference.

one last thing to consider is where you would draw the line. is the problem merely that the hits are being streamed live and people can get help in real time? is it that they’re getting any help whatsoever? because if it’s the latter, then we can kiss the player guides section of the forum goodbye haha.