Live/real time pvp


Think this is something that could nice to have in this game.

It could be something like you need to queue up for, to find an opponent, and when there is match found have to accept.
Then we have 1min to set a team, and the match start. We will have our own board, board sharing could maybe also bring a twist, 30 sec to make a move or else no move. (turn pass) And after x turns there will tier break to help end the match.


That really wouldn’t be so bad atleast we’d have some sort of defense for our trophies we work so hard for, maybe the devs could think something up for putting it into the game at some point


I think it would be a lot of fun to allow intra-alliance raiding using the current mechanics.

What @TKristensen proposes is not that, but a completely different mechanic where both players are playing as offense, each with a distinct board. This proposed version might be fun, but it is completely different from current game mechanics and would not inform you about how your raid offense/defense is working.


That sounds great and it can still be turn based. Yes there would need to be a timer though. If your opponent doesn’t make a move in 30 secnods, times up.


Like online poker, with the timer, it probably work better if you set your hero before you enter the arena, we stick to the trophy / arena matching.
You are match with an opponent, timer are set to accept the match or decline, if you decline you loose your trophies, if accept the battle start. The reward would be similar to raid chest.


If you decline an opponent, i dont think you should lose cups on that. Cause it could be a random dc or the player found out that he/she didnt have time to finsh it. But just send the none decliner first in line for a match.


Maybe 50% of the winning trophies