Live Duels/Arena/Raids/PVP


In raids, there is an online attacker fighting against a defense team controlled by AI.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something where you can really fight against other humans?

I know that it would be complicated to handle (and to implement), but here is my proposal which could be realizable:

A new live arena will be introduced where people can meet and challenge each other when they are online. Maybe the stake is an amount of iron and food in relation to the team power. When a weaker team wins against a stronger one, it will get more than the other way around. Or you can play for XP. Or something else.

When you challenge an opponent and he accepts, the fight begins. Maybe with a timer, so that no one can just pause the fight. Both opponents get a certain amount of time which is handled like a chess clock. When it’s your move, your time is running and the other time stands still.
Maybe you can agree with your opponent how much time both should have. Like blitz chess. So you can have different categories. E.g. both players have 3 mins total or 5 mins total and so on.

If your connection breaks its like hitting the flee button and you have lost. So that no one can just cut the connection on purpose when loosing.

I think that it would be much fun to play against a real human player without any AI involved :slight_smile:

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