Live battles

This game is great fun but how about adding a new concept to the game as I hear many ask for more battles to be created and since these games are based on attacks against players which are off line thus relying only on guessing who might challenge you when your not on the game.

Why couldn’t you also include a live battle request option with those currently online at the same time as you and then each would have their turn at firing at each other.

I feel this would not only encourage players to stay with the game longer but also bring a whole interesting light to strategies and make things so much more fun.

As I understand this concept requires resources on the server you could do something like say having to purchase a monthly ticket which allows to participate in live online battles with a separate tap to those who have a ticket which can make instant requests to others for a live battle there and then.

This would would in turn increase your REVENUE as I am sure many players would relish a live battle.

Now if you think about it, there would no more reasons for being bored, being forced to leave the game because all resources have been used up and most of all no more requests for different or new battles as there will always be to option to play using live battles.

Just a thought


I like it :slight_smile: Maybe even have a wager system where I could bet a warm cape against your sturdy shield or my 3 capes against your tome of tactics. Winner takes as all. Both sides have to agree on the bet. Allow betting of food, iron, battle items, ascension materials.

Wager system can easily be abused.

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Live battles or at least replays would be awesome in war where everyone can watch!

No I’d keep it all fair I wouldn’t change any of the reward methods because as stated that could be cause for abuse but just the fact that being able to battle live would bring in itself a whole new interest and adventure to the playing the game.

If a added betting option was to be added I’d make it for extra cups to be won like say for example if the battle where to be made by the system as +50/-30 you would be allowed to both agree to say double or triple that amount which would really change/move around leaderboard stats fast but leaving all other prizes untouched.

This for the devs would truly be a revenue money in the bank concept to heat all others and really change the way alliances view choose thier members. I mean think about it, this would completely bring a whole new meaning to strategies as your actually trying to win a battle not against a machine with preset stats and outcomes based on numbers but instead the mind of an actual live opponent.

Imagine all those top ranking players who that the game tends to become boring because it’s got nowhere else to go, with live battles that would or could never happen ever.

I’d love to have this.

I love this idea. Risk free sparring with your alliance members would be great!