Little John worth the shields?

Thinking to level him up for the tile damage for blue titans and the mana reduction is great too


If you have the shields he does look to be a good Mana control hero. He’s one of the few 4* I still do not have.

I leveled mine for his high attack and mana control. He’s fragile but great in the events. Powered up going into the boss level, his special is a nice extra.


not worth it. He’s not that tank. And sometimes get taken out even before you can activate his passive. Yes he has the highest damage for a 4* 761. But takes to long to activate his passive. Only like 900 some in hp, and around 600 for armor. There are lots more green that can output more than him.

I’m not looking for a tank,

What green can output more?

Only Lady Locke and Zeline have higher attack stats at final ascension among the greens. For four sturdy shields shields, no other green matches LJ’s attack output (tho Skittleskull is close).

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