Little John to tier 4 or Lianna #2 to tier 3?

Because of the difference in mana rates I’m leaning toward Lianna, but I thought I’d get some opinions on a fully leveled LJ before committing.

-64% mana generation is huge. Also, he is amazing on rush attack tournaments. I prefer variety, so I vote for Little John.

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I should add that I also have a Caedmon #2 and Melendor #2 sitting on the bench… My TC20 is actually pretty darn generous with giving me 4 and 5*s, as long as they are green.

Both are good suggestions anyone imo won’t be a wrong decision.

Some will say nay with LJ due to slow mana and horrible defense, but if you keep that glass cannon alive the results are generally satisfactory


Little John for sure. His attack is widespread and very damaging

The mana screw is NICE, BUT the massive hit is GREAT.
I would attack a full LJ way before a full and a 3/70 Lianna or 2 3/70 Lianna which ever it is

Lianna will always work. Solid damage at 3/70.

LJ works well on offense and challenges since you can mana pot him anyhow.

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