Little help on selecting a right composition please?

Hello there

i am quite new in the game (been playing for a couple of weeks, i am level 26 and didn’t spend money yet but i plan to do it, just waiting for interesting packs).

like a lot of people i guess i am struggling to find good heroes for the moment, i made a couple of teams/tests but i wanted to have your advice about my teams for each purpose(quests, defense etc.)

would you mind telling me what kind of composition you would choose with my hero list ?

atm, i am using either one of these two compositions depending on the situation in 90% of times (& changing for titans etc.) as this is the one with highest levels mainly (i have other 4* but not leveled yet)

main compo (no red, 2793 pts atm as i’m waiting for orbs to level chao/rigard)

sonya (4*)
chao (4*)
rigard (4*)
tyrum (3*)
belith (3*)

or this one (no green, 2782 pts, same)

sonya (4*)
chao (4*)
rigard (4*)
tyrum (3*)
azar (3*)

as other 4*, i have another Sonya (blue), and i just got my hands on Protée (dark), but not leveled yet.
this is unfortunately the only 4*'s i get.
i’ve got all these 3*'s :

bane x3
berden x2
friar tuck x2
azar x2
belith x3
renfeld x2
Gato (just got him)
nashgar (just got him)
graymane x2

and these 4’s as listed above :

sonya x2

now the question is : which composition would you choose if you were me ? for quests, raids & defense ?

also : is protée worth leveling ASAP ? or should i consider leveling some 3’s first such as Gato or Nashgar ?

bonus question : if i want to put a little money in the game, what would you recommend? which packs/what to do with gems ? wait for some events ? atlantis ? etc. thanks !

many thanks again

Proteus is amazing. He was one of my first 4s and made everything so much easier for me. Raid offense, wars, world map, quests. If you already have some leveled Purple 3s then definitely go level up Proteus as soon as you can.

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Proteus is that good yes. Depending on who you have leveled as of now, you could consider leveling him ASAP. He will help you acquire mats faster by helping clear events and rare quests almost by himself
It could help to know the levels of your heroes.
How many maxed 3* do you have?
I understand you are lacking mats to ascend some 4*. What lvl are they? 3/60? All of them?
In an ideal world, you want at least 3 rainbow 3*.
Yellow : Bane and Kailani should be maxed. If you get your hand on Melia, max her too. Gan Ju is not great
Purple : Tyrum and Balthazar are good. If you get ChoChin or Gil-Ra, max them. Renfeld and Prisca are bad, at best.
Green : Berden and Belith are great. Carver can be useful in raidT. If you get Mnesseus, max her too. Friar tuck is underwhelming
Blue ; Gunnar, Valen and Gato are great, max them. Karil is not that great. Graymane is bad, at best.
Red : Azar, Hawkmoon and Nashvar are good, max them. If you get Namahage, max him, he is great.
Keep all your maxed heroes for now, until you have 30 you can use for war.
Your 4* are great, so max them when you get your hands on mats.
As for summons, next events, Grimforest, got some great 4* in Hansel and Gretel, so you could try to summon there.
Otherwise, Atlantis is never a bad idea as it contains great 3* and 4*, as well as a chance at wonderful 5*. Also, it gives a chest after 10 summons containing some mats, if lucky.
Have fun and search a bit in the #player-guides section. There are some great guides to understand the basics of the game


thanks a lot for these valuable comments!

atm my maxed or highly leveled heroes are :
Sonya (4*) - 4-70 (max)
Chao (4*) - 3-60 (awaiting orbs to ascend 4)
Rigard (4*) - 3-45 (leveling, but will be stuck soon as with Chao)
Tyrum (3*) - 3-50 (max)
Azar (3*) - 3-50 (max)
Bane (3*) - 3-50 (max)
Belith (3*) - 3-50 (max)
Berden (3*) - 3-35 (leveling)

i am surprised to hear that hawkmoon is good, rigard & even belith seem so much better. (they don’t just heal)

i was waiting to finish leveling Rigard in order to start leveling Protée, so i will definitely do it soon !

thanks !

Hawkmoon is definitely less interesting than Rigard or Belith.
The thing is, having healers of different color helps, so that’s why she has its place in most roster.
That way, Hawkmoon can be used when green is reflected, like in some events. You are not stuck with no healers. But yeah, Belith is better. And Rigard is one of the best
And finish Rigard to 3/60 before starting Proteus, you are almost there, so it shouldn’t take too long.
And work on your 3* while waiting for mats.

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I make sense, thanks again for your feedback

If you really want to put money for first time do it in Atlantis it’s the best place. And for heroes, like previous said you have great 4* even 2 sonyas is good to have

Azar - Sonya - Rigard - Chao - Belith
This is what I would run until you get more characters leveled

Thank you both, will try that!

I’ve just got seshat and Joon… two 5* !
I wish I had other colors instead of the same colors as my 4*'s but hey, two 5*'s for 300 gems,can’t complain!

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I wish I had that luck, both incredibly great heroes, but focus on 3 and 4 star heroes first :wink:

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