Little help on my main line-up

I been playing for a few months. My current lineup is Gromek, kiril, rigard, Almur, and Hu Tao. Now using Almur I feel like I should run 2 greens. I also got thorne as my only 5 star I’d like to use. So I was thinking of going Gromek, brynhild, thorne, rigard, and Almur. I also have little John but he’s so squishy. I also have bloodtusk, Grimm, boril, mist, Scarlett, fura, Cyprian, and li cue. Any help would be appreciated on making my ultimate team.

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My thinking is Rigard-Gormek-Brynhild-Thorne-Li Xiu. Stacking 2 greens is foolish, almur is fast and LJ is slow so if LJ isn’t dead by the time he fires, there’s a good chance Almur’s elemental down wouldn’t be in effect. Plus, Brynhild is the best defensivly of the 3 green by a long shot.


Mist weakens them against special skills, Gormek then lowers their defences, Thorne obliterates 3 of them, Brynhild speeds up Thorne and defends squishy fast deadly Scarlett.

Looks fun to me.

Edit, sorry maybe I should give you a rainbow defence…




If I were you, I wouldn’t worry much about your regular raid defense since you dont have the most optimum heroes for defense. Whatever current defense you may put up, even if fully emblemed, it will still get murdered by cup droppers currently in your arena, lowleveled players that uses mono, and those who are very lucky on the boards.

Just keep working on the good heroes you have or will be having, including your troops. Once you have maxed and emblemed several legendary heroes, check the defensive heroes and formation of those in the leaderboards who still managed to maintain on the top despite being offline for several hours. They may give you a good gauge of a very good raid defense.

I think I didn’t frame the question correctly. I’m talking about fighting monsters setup and not specifically raid lol. So I can make it further in the game. I finished season 1. Like 17 into 2 and 2 into season 3. Thanks BTW for resoonding with tips.

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