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new to game. Have no 5 star green heroes. I can fully ascend one green player. Should it be little John, melandor or hansel? I want to put them with wu kong, bold tusk, tibertus and grimm for war and mostly titans

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Based on your roster heroes, I would consider Hensel 1st. He is a very good contender & has great skills! Also if I may, avoid upgrading slow mana heroes to the max which could be a wast, unless you have no other options.

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Hansel first. Melendor second, Little John third


Hansel is great. Melandor is solid, as well, but you’re going to be best off with Hansel.

LJ is fine, but he’s a definite step back from the other two.


Hansel is the most versatile epic green hero thanks to his special, go for it :slight_smile:

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Hansel, or if you have the 4* mats then wait to see if you pull tarlak in the Atlantis event that’s coming up.

I’d ascend Hansel first if Boldtusk is ascended.

Melendor first if Boldtusk isnt ascended and you don’t have any other good Epic or Legendary healers

SG has said that it’ll be a while before tarlak comes back

I vote hansel. He’s been absolutely AMAZING for me.

what? no arguing just a 100percent consensus. haha
how should i line up my heroes from left to right . thanks
tiburtus grimm boldtusk hansel wu kong

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I would do it the way you wrote it. BT is a good tank. In defense teams, putting Grimm next to BT can cause green tiles meant to hit Grimm to hit and charge up BT. Putting Hansel on his other side can cause some blue tiles meant to hit BT help charge up Hansel.

As defence team change grimm and tiburtus and you are golden.

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While I love my Hansel, I would suggest:

Level Melendor to 4* 3.60 AND Hansel to 4* 3.60,
Then Melendor to 4* 4.70,
Then Hansel to 4* 4.70

Melendor is a 4* healer with 42% heal all and a high attack stat, perfect for using Wu Kong ( see Notes ) against titans, raids, and war.

I ran Halloween event on autoplay for normal levels 1- 20, and have so far used autoplay up it to advanced level 5 ( waiting on World Energy) with Melendor, Grimm, Wu Kong, Scarlett, Rigard ( all 4* 4.70 ).

Leveling two 4* heroes to 3.60 takes the same XP as leveling one to 4.70, but 4* 3.60 are the most powerful heroes in the game using only farmable ascension items.

Merlin ( purple), Hansel ( green), & Gretel ( yellow) are the three 4* heroes that can stop special skills from firing & damage the enemy side three times if you can fill the target’s mana bar three turns in a row. This is much more useful in raids and war than against titans.

Hansel is the sole reason I am Gold/ Platinum Arena ( I swap every few hours).

For 4* green I leveled Melendor 4.70, Peters 3.60, Kashhrek 3.60 ( nice 4* center), Melendor 3.60, Hansel 3.60 ( in a single weekend as part with a rainbow team ), and now I am leveling Little John to 3.60.

Depending on heroes from Reflect green event, I will probably level Hansel to 4* 4.70.


i agree with gryphon- melendor first.

Why? because there are sooooo many buffs and you don’t have a dispeller. Also, 2 healers makes many things so much easier early on.

I mean hansel is excellent - do him 2nd but if it were me I’d fully ascend Mel first.

Now if you can beat the rare quests and epic monthly challenge completion with melendor at 3/60 then i’d do what G mentioned above and after that take hansel to 3/60 before fully ascending Mel. BUT only if you can do those 2 things - because if not then take mel to 70 so he can help you get those other ascension items quicker.


oh man now I got a kashrek. I see him in the center of many of the players on my alliance. now do i take all 3 of these to 3.60? I really wanted to work on sartana but in my young team, she is brutal in her cost, I have mats to take her to 3 level. i know patience

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Kashrek is a great tank, but that’s all. It won’t hurt to 3/60 him but I’d do melendor and hansel first.

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Echoing @Yoohoo, Kashhrek is a fantastic tank all the way up through mid-platinum raid arena, but Melendor and Hansel are far more versatile.

I just got Hansel last month, the dude is a stud. He’ll next on line for shields once I’m finished with Tarlak.

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