Little bit stuck, who to concentrate on?

Team 1 is my defence team, currently in Diamond but in and out, id really love to get Viv or Delilah. Team 2, the only one i can acc is Musashi, but do i?? Need ac mats for the rest and only have 2 books at this stage. Then what 4* s do i ac or start feeding. Thanks for your input :blush:

You could finish Wu before deciding on Musashi. Proteus and Merlin are good for offensive cases, second Grimm helps in war.

Which train camps are you running?


I would also add Isarnia to the list. Her and Frida combo works really well.

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Sorry forgot to mention im a Wu hater, :joy:, iv fed 3 to Leo and 2 to Musashi. I run all tc 13 and when i have over 100 back packs i do tc 2

She is who i am feeding at the moment, i think ill ac her before Aiger

Little John Proteus Merlin and Wu would be the fours I think

Off topic a bit, how do you find Valeria? I am training her now and I see you have her maxed


I leveled her fast when i got her, but hardly use her now, the buff they gave her made her better. I only use her in war if i have to double up on blues, but dont regret maxing her, Triton has taken her place on my blue titan team

Lol, ok! In that case ascending Musashi sounds fine. He would work well on purple titans, war or raid stacking. If your second tome goes to Isarnia, then you’ll be busy leveling for a while and another tome might show up before finishing.

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Yeah I have her maxed out and fed some emblems too. I also have Aegir but he waits at 3/70 for his scopes. I would work on Isarnia and actually add wu kong too. I think you don’t like him much but he is good on titans. You can imagine going with Aegir, Triton, Isarnia, Frida and Wu Kong against red Titan…

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I wouldn’t put too much value on families. Gobbler still isn’t worth of it, even though the family bonus. You’ll get more family heroes eventually. I sometimes put up a family team, just for fun, but it still isn’t my priority and you don’t need more than 2 heroes of the same family to get 5% boost. I’ve been playing since 12/2018.

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