Litte Bugs in Built856

Recently i stumble about two little bugs coming up with Built856.

  1. Since ever the last team played was suggested to fight the next Level or PVP-Opponent or Titan. Now, with Built856 allways Team1 is suggested - no matter if it´s empty or not… Yes, i know… This is complaining on a really high level - but it was nervewracking, having last Titan-Team in PVP-Battle till i figured out the workaround by emptying Team1 completly to protect myself from choosing the wrong Team to the wrong Fight.

  2. Is a funny Translations-Mistake! Yesterday i fought Season 2 / World 10 / Level 2. The Boss-description from “Holly Crane” (i guess, in German it´s the “Göttliche Kranich”) says:

  • 95% damage to all opponents,
  • +30% Defence to all allies,
  • and, here it comes, 3% counterattack (YES, THREE) for 75 moves (YES, SEVENTYFIVE) :scream: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: ! Fortunately, or UNfortunately - depending on how you like to see it - it is working the other way arround: 75% counterattack for 3 turns. :rofl: :joy:

Nice Weekend to all of you! :star_struck: :sunglasses: :beers:


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