Listen to Playerbase

That’s it. That’s my feature request.

They hear your bank account emptying when the portal has a super creep.

They hear the majority of people stick their noses in the air and loudly proclaim how they would, NEVER SUPPORT A NERF!

While those who argue for balance are mocked as cry babies, or…
Don’t know how to play.

You pay for imbalance.
You defend imbalance.
Now you get more imbalance.

They are very attentive



Forum users are just a tiny bit of a fraction to the entire playerbase.

Beta testers are even far fewer.

How do you propose Small Giant listen to the majority of the player base?


I’m not surprised they don’t listen to us.

Even in a thread where 99% of its contributors unanimously agree, we still end up bickering and picking each other apart.

If we can’t get all our ducks in a row, how are SG supposed to know which direction we want to be heading?

:duck: quack

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I think people underestimate what can be gleaned off of forums or other chat tools, like discord or play store reviews. Statistical analysis does not require you to get feedback from an entire player base. There are multiple ways to leverage big data analytics to understand what is occurring in your player base across different forums. The fact that in one day, a forum post can reach 300+ posts representing not only those people, but the alliances they are speaking for, does statistically mean something relative to other topics posted and the time it took for them to get them to get that far. How many 1 and 2 star app store reviews in a burst, does mean something statistically.

Unfortunately, I feel this company is only leveraging analytics to drive profit at the expense of both the long term health of the game and common sense. Who nerfs heroes only to post on the same day, very strong heroes that are getting costumes that will make them stronger? That is completely losing site of your customer. It likely doesn’t matter that I don’t spend anymore to them…but maybe it should. I’m not just one person not spending anymore, I’m one more voice pushing others players to their competitors.

Money Talks , Bull … Walks

(Fill in the blank)

Thats sgg attitude to listening to anybody else except there Accounts.

Excellent idea. I vote yes.

Only those who raised their voices can be heard and listened to. Using a metaphor, if you choose not to vote you have to accept the president or prime minister the others have chosen. SG is not listening to even those very few beta testers so the problem is definitely not in the numbers. Its in the intent.


Agree. One other comment here. Zynga is a publicly traded company. This is a common problem with publicly traded companies that have to report earnings to investors. The behavior of the company and the decisions it makes to meet that demand, can change the culture from one of innovation and customer focus, to market focused at all costs. It’s a good chance that some of the best games you’ve ever played during the time spent with them have been owned by privately held companies. I don’t know the history of SGG, but guessing it was privately held before being purchased.

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Sorry to burst your balloon, but…

We’ll, players underestimate how thick the devs are and can be. Look at this forum. Look at some of those Discord sites you are talking about. Look at the Play Store review. A ton of requests have been left unheeded, a ton of complaints ignored, and a ton of years have passed by without them being addressed

Ideally, yes. Theoretically, yes. In our current gaming practice and experience here, NO!! Regrettably, that is the sad fate we have in E&P. Small Giant and Zynga doesn’t care about its veteran and experienced playerbase.

Yes. We have tons of them in the forum where a thread reach hundreds of posts from various forum users. And even then, we can’t even get our act straight together in those threads, contradicting each other, bickering one another, creating more divisive ideas. Can you imagine when most beta testers evaluated Gravemaker as underwhelming, when he was released in the live game in early 2018, I was one of those thousands of complaining players being terrorized by that horned devil. When the #nospend was initiated several months ago, a lot of players heeded it and alliances placed the #nospend banner on their alliance description, but the problem is, some of those who advocated and echoed and mouthed it spent money to buy gems for them to pull heroes. No wonder SG won’t listen to us. We are not even unified as one.

And for the record, when I speak out my sentiments, I do it in my own personal volition and not consider doing the same representing my alliance. What I say and do is not a representation of my alliance, even if I am the leader. Each player has a different appreciation on the game. Each has a different standing and status in the game. Some are F2P, C2P and P2P. Others play casually while some make this game as if it is their life, pouring a lot of time, effort and money doing so. And I know some forum users are like me as well. We really don’t speak for and in behalf the entire alliance.

And that, I agree. This game was officially launched in March 2017. And issues and problems and players’ requests and buffs and nerfs have been existing that year. I played this game 14 months later from its inception, in 2018. The problem with statistics is the estimate and its unpreciseness. The problem with surveying is that it can be made as a tool in favor of the user. Remember political surveys where the survey leader losses to the rival in the actual poll or election? I don’t know in other countries. But I know it’s happening to mine.

But I do laud you for opening and sharing your mind as a new forum user and member. The thing is, what you have been asking about is not new here.

Until we get our act straight and be unified, this game will continue to move towards its intended trajectory. And it has survived a lot of ups and downs since 2017 and may still see light in 2022, 2023, 2024… who knows? They prioritize new players from new market economies around the world. Founding, veteran and experienced players may hesitate moving on because of the time, effort and resources invested in this, including friends and the forged kinship in the alliances they are in.

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Agree with the above Ultra and on speaking on behalf of the alliance you are correct there - I shouldn’t have stated that as a generality. I’m also positive all of this has been shared by others already, but just felt the need to share my own here for once because I just could not believe what I was seeing (I mean, I can since I work in the corporate world). How you treat people are lessons I teach my kids and it seems like it’s so easy for corporations just to lump consumers together and forget that golden rule.

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good afternoon! I’ve been in the game for almost 2 years … I always follow the Forum, but I never spoke. however, this time I decided to comment, because I think the game is getting lost. I will not enter into the discussion of members who spend money on heroes, but on the realm of members who really like the game. Members who study the game, the heroes, the skills, who test combinations and so on. When the hero is released I particularly study all the details. there have been quite controversial changes lately - telluria, vella, Frigg and Odin. I don’t agree with these changes and I don’t think they bring balance to the game. none of these heroes are indestructible - with the right combination you drop. the problem today that I see, is that a lot of people come to the forum to complain, but they don’t bother to analyze the game as a whole. I don’t have all the heroes in the game, but that’s not why I’m complaining. I think the support should be a little more attentive to this, because with these types of hero changes they end up taking away the real fun of the game.

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