List of titan HP tiers past 10*?

I have the old list from when the highest titans were 10* but haven’t been able to find anything for 11* and up, does it exist? I’m keeping my own list but we’ve only faced a couple so far.

It’s not a huge deal, but it is helpful to know if we’re on the verge of bumping up a star or not on the next titan. Plus I’m a fastidious pencil pusher who’s just gotten used to including HP tiers lol.

The least I can figure out is that the 44k HP separation between tiers seems to increase past 10* Tier 8, but haven’t seen enough of them to nail it down yet.




Hey this means that there are only 4 kinds of 14* titans one is special?

My alliance is still not there yet.

Thanks for that @Boolz_San :+1:

@Bukefal those are just examples
14* colors are the same as any *
pm me in line (boolz_san)

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Aaaah, this is old…

Check this:

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hp levels are needed though @Pois1

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