List of new classes with corresponding heroes that go with it

I came across this in this forum before, and I meant to save it but clearly forgot to :(. I have done several searches and used every resource that I am able to, alas I have had no luck finding any such thing, and while it may be stickied somewhere and I am just simple over looking it, please just help me find it! I sure would greatly appreciate it :smiley:

To clarify what I’m looking for in case I wasn’t clear enough with the Topic title or what I said above - I am looking for some kind of sheet or graphic that shows a list of all the new classes, and also shows every hero that matches for each one. I hope this makes sense, thank you!!

This is a good thread to summarize the new Class system - Memento Heroes Classes and Quests

That is precisely what I was looking for…thank you!!!

Thanks @ThunderStrikes for posting that link, that’s a perfect one to answer @Mortemia’s questions. :slight_smile:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge or Closure of Topic)

Question answered. :slight_smile:

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