List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing / Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay

PoV is another source

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It should say 18 places to POTENTIALLY find ascension materials. You’ve apparently gotten more in 48 hours than I get in 6 months.


Fair point—some are guaranteed while many are at the will of the RNG gods. I hope your luck changes soon!

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Also titan rares is a option, plus with titan loot it is on the star of the titan I think maybe after 11* you get more of a chance of a 4* mat then say fighting a 6*

Hi, it’s my first post and maybe the only one because i’m not a forum guy but i want to ask about the loot for ascension materials: on raid tournaments the chances for one 4* ascension material is 1% or 2% does that feel right? in titan loot it’s almost or exactly the same do you believe that everyone kill 14* titan everyday. I have almost 3 months since i seen last damascus blade and my alliance kill 11-12* titans not everyone goal is to go to work this week and buy 10000 gems because i need a hero or an ascension material. i saw a lot off 100 pulls for only one hero so the game its good only for those guys and they are experts how to play this game with that amount of money put in the game everyone is expert but i went out from the subject put the f… loot at least 5% for titan, raid tournament etc or it’s preferable to cut your hands that to do that?

SG must have this swapping materials/items to its co-member in alliance. But first, this member should be in alliance of approximately 365 days to allow them to swap their item/s to his/her co-member.
And to be fair the player/s must have the same amount of materials/items if they want to swap in his/her co-member for the materials/items they want.
The player/s need to be in alliance for 365 days so that the player/s. may not able to abuse to go in every different alliance just to swap items.

Chests lately :poop::poop::poop:
I would say in 9 month I got 2 orbs…

I was thinking about creating a post on available arenas for getting 4* ascension materials, and found this old post. Is @General_Confusion still active on the forum?
I have a couple new areas of availability that can be added to the list.

Personally I enjoy that SG is constantly creating new content for the game. I know that some think it gets to be too much, but for me more content means more fun, but also more places to get the good stuff.

@JekylandHyde had 18 points on his list.

In addition I have found it possible to get material from
Path of Valor rewards
Path of Valor Mega chest
Path of Valor small chest (that actually happened to me once, so confirmed)
Rare titan bonus (a separate RNG chance)
Clash of Knights Alliance quest (confirmed by myself)
Royal Goblin Ballon (requires payment)
I assume, but have not confirmed:
W3K rewards

I’m sure some folks (mods or regulars) can help you up.

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PoV: You ger a non farmable 3* and 4* ascension mats from PoV very month, if you buy you get two.

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Thats not true, I have ascended 37 5* heroes in 31 months, have mats for 3 more 5* heroes without paying a single cent.

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Why not add to the text you can get these and the others from MV