List of Ideas

list of ideas:
1-New world (Mystery world).

2-I join the game in 2019 and I would love and wish to be a special new event like every 6 months or a year to re-summon some (group of 3 or 4 heroes )of the previous HOTM (event name ex: Back to the future) or instead of the event, at the end of the year will be a special summon for previous HOTM

3-add cancel button to the list when building (there is only skip wait and more)

4-General prices for Jewels is a bit expensive and thank you for many offers but at least once a year make the list of prices to half for all (take into consideration price for 10000 gems is equal to a monthly salary in some countries, so please give the opportunity to everyone try E&P)

5- prices for (Featured) list in the shop is much expensive and mostly without benefits in addition the bottles items this need modify

6-Create a new “Epic legendary Token” to summon 5* heroes (not to buy but only to get for example after finish the Atlantis world or after finish the new world I mention above


Every month two old HOTMs can be summoned during Atlantis Rise event.

What sense does it make to cancel building in progress?

I wish gems were cheaper but it’s not gonna happen as long as people are buying gems for the current price.

Unfortunately gems price must be the same for all countries, otherwise people would use VPN to buy cheaper gems from different country they live in.

You mean a token which guarantees a 5* hero? I like this idea but it’s very unlikely they’ll introduce it.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand this one, could you please clarify?


Hero trial— i think there should be a way to test a hero’s special ability. Just like a 15-20 seconds battle against computer team or Titan. So you know what they are capable of. Just like the ads to promote this game. Might encourage members to spend more gems to try and summons them if we could see results first.


You know what would be cool? Flavor text. Let me know Zunak’s lore.

What about night mode ?

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1.Free fights between co-members in order to try combinations of heroes.
2.real time 1vs1 fights… materials or heros in alliances.

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Dude we truly need friend requests

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Better matchmaking please…
Wars and raids have become a joke…

I would appreciate the option to purchase multiple items or offers (ex. event gem offers, Atlantis gem offers) all at once (similar to using loot tickets) instead of having to make multiple single purchases of $.99 or $1.99 in order to take advantage of the plurality of offers given.

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