List of Excuses to Use if You Miss War Flags

We’ve all been there before, 1 part pint of cheap vodka, 1 part 8-ball of cocaine, and 1 part sleazy back alley, and next thing you know you are in the back of a cop car and you can’t find your phone, and there is a War on!

You miss your flags, it happens. So what do you do about it? That’s right, lie! However don’t lie poorly and certainly don’t tell the truth (blah blah my mum died and I had to go to the funeral blah blah) because a discerning Leader will not be impressed. So how do you make them smile as they hover their finger over the Boot Button? By telling a good lie!

Feel free to use these carefully curated reasons for why you missed using your War Flags, also please add your own so that I can steal them and use them the next time I miss my war flags!

“I’m sorry that I missed using my flags, but it was because…”

  1. I was busy starting a non-profit to send chimpanzee’s into space
  2. Someone farted and startled me, next thing I knew I built a fallout shelter
  3. I was busy destroying Homaclese’s arguments that Noor is a good hero
  4. I was activated by MI6 to REDACTED a donut REDACTED and to REDACTED to it and REDACTED where I had to REDACTED and REDACTED
  5. I had to defend a family of adorable Penguins from a Polar Bear; I won the fight with a spork
  6. I had to attend the reading of a will. I had to stay till the very end and I found out I received nothing…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

i’m sorry that i missed using my flags, but it was because . . .

“. . . because, well, actually i’m not sorry because i’m a war jumper and just waiting to see how long it takes for you to boot me”

“i started playing a game advertised through Mystic Vision, and then the next thing i knew, war was over!”


This should have been a poll. Would have voted for number 3


Hmmm, at the top of my head, I have a few…

  1. I was walking around late at night, and got kidnapped by some dude with a van… just barely got away. Least he had KitKats
  2. I donated a kidney to my dog
  3. I was out, shopping for a new mattress, and didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to test em out first… (What sort of sadists are these people?!)
  4. I fell into a temporary coma, and when I woke up, I had amnesia … for the day
  5. Found out my uncle was my real father, real doozy
  6. Smoked something, and forgot I was cooking mac and cheese on the stove… Obviously a huge bummer the house burnt down, but what’s worse, it was my last box! They don’t make that flavor anymore, ya know…
  7. I plead temporary insanity
  8. Benjamin buttoned my way back to being a child; show me one infant that can figure out how to war, I dare you!
  9. On the run from the law; needed to flee to Mexico ASAP
  10. My turtle ate my phone
  11. *Sigh* I got abducted by aliens again; they always seem to do this around the holidays…
  12. My deceased grandmother, reborn as a coyote, came back from the dead to lead me to the woods, where I was to rediscover my relationship with nature [for the day]
  13. All cell phone towers in my area were mysteriously destroyed… & No one’s claimed responsibility yet :smiling_imp:
  14. I was dared into solving a Rubik’s Cube with my toes … “Hey, you try it!”
  15. Zynga/SG have a vendetta against me (they’re watching me as we speak) … I swear, they specifically target my account so I can’t log on til war ends
Lol this is fun :sweat_smile::rofl:
  1. Threw and broke my phone after my last zero-point raid tourney hit

“Sorry guys. Totally forgot to check in for war. Was too busy watching Book of Boba Fett Episode 6. Shxt was insane. Was too caught up in watching and reading reviews and reactions that I totally forgot about war. Will opt out next week for the finale.”


“Sorry guys and girls. I secretly resent you for quite some time and I really want you to lose this war. Oh my, did I say that out loud? Oops…”

Joke aside, I’ve noticed that many players don’t use their flags even when it’s 1 vs 1 war. My current opponent for example…


Because I have a Life :smiley:


Remember how buggy this game is?
Good, because I remember using all of my flags…
and game support says they had to revert my account to fix a bug where popups to perpetually upsell me all the virtual junk wasn’t working as they wanted. :expressionless:


If you are unable to spare 20 minutes for using 6 war flags twice weekly, you don’t have a life - you have a prison.


“Because my girlfriend has needs, and they’re more important”. This is an actual excuse that was used. In the grand scheme of things, I agree with his justification.


War is 24 hours… How long do these “needs” continuously last? :rofl:


Sorry the dog ate my phone…

Wait a minute…


I had my guild mate at my old guild say that he wasn’t getting any notification on wars, so he wasn’t using any flags. He said he’d change a new phone, reinstall and will come back in a few days.

He never came back… :laughing:


Why would I care to attack if my loot will be like this:


My significant other stole my phone and staged an intervention!


eh, the war chest will open by itself eventually anyway… it just takes 12.5 weeks if we keep losing…


Did someone just summon noor???


We should start a support group, cause this happened to me to. How many war flags have you missed Randa? This is a lot of excuses! :rofl:

Good move on his part, that was a bad lie and nothing you can do at that point but run away in shame…

Great stuff people, made me smile! :smile:


There was an EMP accident at a local military contractor and all electronics were out… You won’t see it on the news the government is covering this up, they want us to believe it is just a conspiracy!


Great. Now I have to experiment to see if you can play while handcuffed to the bedposts. The things I do to test hypotheses…