List of Empires & Puzzles Fan Sites and Groups

If you have or know any Empires & Puzzles fan sites, groups or such, please let everyone know here! This post is a wiki and everyone can edit it.

(Please note these are unofficial resources and no way endorsed by Small Giant Games!)


Toasting Time Alliance

Empires & Puzzles - USERS GROUP (TITAN MAFIA)

Providing Interactive Activities, Tools and Information to the Community - all Based in/on the Game. Users Group Members have access to interactive CHAt, Friendly Leaderboard Competitions/Recognition, Scavenger Hunts, and Events with Prizes! Extend your E&P Gaming Life! Have some more FUN and GAIN more Knowledge.

Empires & Puzzles Hero Utility

The utility that brings your Empires & Puzzles Hero Cards, Hero Grades, Hero GPA’s and LEADERBOARD Statistics into your browser ALL at once!
Current Version

Previous Version

Fan Groups

VK Fan Group (Russian)


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Copperskys Compendium is a great site too.


Her guide has been absolutely fundamental for so many players!

Here it is again:


New fanpage to the game, are open the Door.
With forum, community area with group possibility u.s.w.
Exchange for the German-speaking area should be possible here.
Game information is added daily. Guides, helps u.s.w are gradually provided.

You can find the new fan page at:

Join and have Fun. I’m looking forward to our german gamers.

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Hallo S.A.M.

Finde ich super eure Idee. So einer Art deutsches Forum. Ich werde euch auf unserer Internetseite unserer Allianz verlinken :slight_smile:

Hallo Xerobes,

danke für das Feedback. Inhalte kommen ab nächste Woche etwas geballter, da ich beruflich im Moment etwas eingespannter bin als geplant.


Requests for killing titan (Russian)

Might as well shamelessly plug my YouTube where I am doing live 2 hour streams just about everyday. Tons of cool people show up and talk.


Empires & Puzzles по русски:

Есть информаци япо игре, основные статистики героев, видео.
Сайт в разработке,есть не вся информация, но сайт постояно обновляется.
Будет полезен новичкам, которые только начинают играть.


@Anchor your live streams are excellent lol

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A great E&P site!