🌈 List of Avatar/Profile Backgrounds

Well done @ThePirateKing, this is awesome!

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Thank you @Novo. :slight_smile:

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I hope they release more avatars and backgrounds!

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How about one for pins?

My teammates making fun of me cause that’s at minimum a 10 summon, but it’s really important to me and I’m done for now :grinning:


You got Vietnam flag?

Really? Not knowingly :laughing:

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The pins are all from the emoji list, and all the flags that are available as the banner background. :slight_smile:

Hi @ThePirateKing just wondering if you’ve started a list of the game avatars. I noticed that Queen Harpy is currently featured I’m not sure if she’s ever been featured before.

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I have never made a list for all the avatars, but we can start tracking if you want. And I think I have seen the Quuen Harpy avatar before, but not sure. Maybe someone who has the avatar can clarify. :slight_smile:

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I believe @Pois1 was starting an avatar & pin list?


It was featured already, many times.


Only avatar list you can get from missions and Special Events (so far).


Any chance to implement a background based on Magic Night from season 2? I would be grateful for that. TA

Can you please spread the word about this issue with the avatar backgrounds?

The list and appearance orders of pins in this thread is full and accurate.


any idea of how this avie is taken?

I think this is for reaching lvl 100 but I’m not sure

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It’s for reaching Level 100 as @TheBeastxGreat said:
Special Vivica Avatar (New Award for Reaching Level 100) (Staff response #15)


My sincere thank you so much for the information @Guvnor and @TheBeastxGreat. I’m 40 levels behind so it may the a while.

I’d never imagined she was vivica though… she’s my favorite as you can see in my avie. Wish she as a supreme magician was avaible.

Guess the Valhalla avatar after defeating 150 purple fairies (Bera) will be as much cute and more accessible ^^"

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