List of 2022 Improvements

Following last year’s list of improvements, this thread will track the list of improvements in 2022.

Quality of Life

  1. Soul Exchange
  2. Valhalla Forever Progress bar
  3. Solstice Summon
  4. Master Trainer heroes


  1. 2022 Sneak Peak
  2. February Balance Update Follow Up
  3. Q&A with Staff


  1. War of the Three Kingdoms
  2. Magic Troops
  3. Season 5
  4. Sanctuary of Gargoyles
  5. Legends of Kalevala

More Free Stuff

  1. Tomes and Trainer Troops
  2. Extra daily summon
  3. Mystic Vision every 2 hours - Temporary
  4. POV shortened
  5. Tremors of Underwild
  6. Nuts for Nature
  7. 2 Hour Mystic Vision


  1. February
  2. March
  3. April
  4. May
  5. June
  6. July


  1. Extra Rare Quest and Explanation of Timing
  2. Starter Items
  3. Zynga store
Balance Changes

Are Balance changes improvements? Theoretically yes as we should want balance right? Unfortunately we don’t always like how balance changes are implemented. I de-prioritized them within this thread, but still want to account for them.

  1. February 2022 Balance Changes
  2. March Balance Updates
  3. April Balance
  4. May Balance
  5. Atlantis Family bonus balance
  6. Kalo Balance
  7. Villians family bonus
  8. V48 Balance Changes to Atlantis Family and old Gargoyles
  9. June Balance Update

This thread is dedicated towards compiling a list of improvements made by SG this year. This is not the thread to discuss how you feel about each individual issue or the changes you feel are needed in the game. Threads for those probably already exist.


Would Soul Exchange be “more free stuff” or “Content”? Given that SGG said it would be a recurring feature, varying the heroes available for exchange each appearance.


I had that debate. I went with more free stuff since it doesn’t seem like there is anything to “play” coming with it. Whereas War of the Three Kingdoms is new content with rewards.
A lot of overlap between the categories.

PS thanks for the spell check.


It could even be QOL cause we finally have something to do with these duplicate heroes… Arguably free most people paid for duplicates, but you could generate an exchange yearly for free if decent RNG.


What about S5 ? Isn’t that new content ?

I would put SE as QoL actually cos it’s not actually free for most. Gems/tokens would have been used to get some dupes at least.

Also, add in the free summon by watching an add. Think that counts as almost free.


My personal opinion is that Soul Exchange would be badged under “more content”
It’s not free stuff because it’s quite “costly” in 5* hero resource
It’s not QOL because again much of the feedback was “great it provides the opportunity to do something with duplicates but it’s too costly in hero resource”
Just my two pennies worth


I think ever since the whole “we need more QoL” outcries started, the main thing people asked about was the solution to duplicates. When Hero Academy failed to deliver, even more QoL requests… Even when SG delivered some real QoL updates, people cried for more QoL… It was obvious the main QoL thing that the community wants is solution to duplicates - best if they can be swapped to a guaranteed hero of choice.

Soul Exchange is just that. I think listing it as QoL is most fair of this all. That certainly ain’t ‘free stuff’. And wouldn’t call it a new content (we’ll see what comes with it though beside what we already saw).

Though I would be careful with listing stuff that isn’t in live game yet.

You know, we already had a lot of stuff promised that turned out SH*T on release. Better keep it humble. I’ll believe when I see it.


thank you for working on this compilation, I know its a lot of work and it’s good to have them all in one list!


More free stuff:
1 daily extra summon for watching an add


Thx for continuing your work on tracking the changes @Ruskin505


Thanks for everything guys do keeping the game fun and please continue to improve the game.

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Season 5 has not been released. It will eventually make the list as I’m sure most of the sneak peak things will.

Missed that thank you

Soul Exchange

Quite a few opinions on where to put it and it depeneds on your opinion on what problems you have and solutions it offers you.
It doesn’t seem like y’all think it’s more free stuff as I do, and the plurarity thinks it’s QoL. I’ve moved it under that category for now. Regardless of where it sits, it’s an improvement.


What about War of the 3KD’s, when was that released?

You’re right, it’s not released yet. I added it because it’s in the release notes.

Season 5 also, I do believe

Season 5 is not even in beta yet( will be included when beta opens again) and far from being released into the live game.

Although we can be sure that it will come at one point.

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Season 5 has got a massive flyer in the sneak peak.

Were the Tomes and extra summon in Beta :thinking:

I originally had a response of “Season 5 is not released, not in release notes, and not even in Beta so I’m not adding it”. But I thought that was too aggro, so I backed off.

I’m choosing not to put everything in sneak peak until it’s “officially” announced.

Tomes and extra summon were not in Beta I believe.


It’s your thread so you obviously can do what you like.

I do think that sneak peak can be treated as official though.

But a lot sneak peak stuff gets changed or completely forgotten looking at the last years.

All the other things you mentioned tomes, extra summon, wo3k are already in the live game.
Wo3k got implemented with the newest update and the first time we can play it also has a date.

The extra summon was in beta, the tomes not.