List of 2021 Improvements

In the 2021 sneak peak SG specifically said

  • More Quality of Life changes to make playing even more enjoyable

This is my attempt to compile the list of improvements SG has introduce this year. This includes Quality of Life improvements as well as other changes SG may consider to be an improvement.

Quality of Life

  1. Friendly Battles

  2. Changed the text shown when one of a heroes unequipped costumes is usable for event.

  3. 4 week calendar

  4. New emojis

  5. PvE enemies now show attack and defence values

  6. Enemy wave count is now shown in Map stages

  7. Legendary costumes added to Hero Academy

  8. Mystic Vision changed to 4 hours

  9. Raid battle results

  10. Inactive Alliance Leaders Demotion Enabled

  11. Trainer troops

  12. Community vote for challenge event

  13. Decrease in portal odds for s1 hero (increase for Christmas event hero)

  14. Improved loot overlay for certain quests


  1. Hero Balance FAQ

  2. October schedule changes

  3. Morlovia timing

  4. November and December calendar

  5. Q&A with game designers

  6. v44: future event dates clarified


  1. League of Villians

  2. Season 4

  3. Starfall Circus

  4. Slayers of Fell Shadows

  5. Tower of Magic

  6. Clash of Knights

  7. Challenge Festival

Game Changes

  1. Frigg and Odin Balance

  2. Trainers in summons portal

  3. Valhalla Forever

  4. Raid Formations

  5. POV chests

  6. v37 Balance Changes

  7. Limit Breakers

  8. Tower Event Curses counted for hero and costume separately

  9. September balance updates

  10. Legends Family bonus and element link

  11. v43 balance changes

  12. Black Friday portal

  13. Nearby Radius reduced

  14. Reduced defense buff

  15. Challenge Festival portal

This thread is dedicated towards compiling a list of improvements made by SG. What 2021 improvements are missing from the list?

This is not the thread to discuss how you feel about each individual issue or the changes you feel are needed in the game. Threads for those probably already exist.

I’ll be interested to see how SG addresses QoL in its 2022 sneak peak


Raid formation adjustment on AoE attack defense
Ex. Reposte heroes only cover 3 in double and reverse double

Raid attacker information

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I left it out when I went through it and now that seems wrong.

I would argue a lot of these do not could as quality of life improvements.
Trainer troop, community votes, mystic vision change & even legendary costumes in hero academy I would not count as quality of life improvement.

But great list of changes you got there.


Maybe a better way to describe these are “getting more stuff”
Trainer troops got us troop xp
Mystic vision gives us 2x loot
Legendary costumes gives us 2.5 legendary costumes per year on average
All of those are improvements in “getting more stuff”. To many, more stuff is part of quality of life, but I see where you’re going.

Direct vote from the community about content isn’t really QoL either. But it at least falls into the “listen to the community” category.


I think under game changes, the change of the hidden defense bonus is missing. Or maybe it’s hidden in one of the balance updates you linked :thinking:

And maybe under QoL the removal of S1 heroes from some portals, black Friday or Christmas challenge event


Seriously? Mystic vision was changed because it makes SG more money. We got 3 free trainer troops, and havent seen anything since. 3 of them lol. And Legendary costumes that we have to spend to get? How is that getting more stuff? Goes to show how much of a crap job SG is doing that we have to include 3 free troops and new summons as QOL improvements.


I chose not to list it because I wasn’t 100% sure where it went. Is there a confirmed number that replaces the old 20%?

I listed black friday portal, but I missed the change to Christmas summons. OP edited.

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Last time I checked it was a linear downgrade depending on the attack stats if I remember correctly.
The higher the attack stats the smaller the bonus.
No idea if that’s still relevant or active at all.

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The strawman way to interpret your comment is to say that you don’t like things that benefit both players and SG. Why do I care if SG makes more money off of this? If anything that’s a good thing. But I get more benefits from this.

Ok, but we got them. Would you prefer we don’t?

I specified their link to HA where you don’t have to spend.

None of these things are gamechanging, but they are all good. We should celebrate when SG gives us wins, big or small.


Actually I meant that one, where they completely removed S1 from the portal starting next week.

No idea if the Christmas seasonal event also has changed summon odds.

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I specifically did not include Challenge Festival yet since it has not been introduced to the game, but I will when v44 is released

Sure, and if I get robbed I will celebrate if the robber leaves me 5 bucks instead of taking it all. Make a list of things SG has done that have been bad for players, and it would triple your list, and then double it again if we are counting the same way you are with 3 free troops and a 5% chance to get a non season 1 hero from the HA after a week and a ton of resources lol.

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Yeah I imagine it would. Go ahead and make that list. I’m sure many would be interested in it.

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Most already know it all to well, and that list will only get longer when players praise them for doing 1 small thing right, after 10 wrong.

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Improvement of roster space is def thee top of my list. Bring out all these new folks and we get no reward back really…

A few threads to look at…


this is completely non-analogous to a freemium mobile game offering particular goodies and incentives to consenting players.

Ruskin, was Goblin Balloon 2020 or 2021?


Based on the same principle and concept. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean it isnt true.


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I meant 2021 implemented improvements, but it gave me an idea for another thread. Perhaps a community poll for most wanted features in 2022?