Lipsă atacuri

După ce am trecut nivelul am dat un singur atac în harta 4, nivelul 10 și am rămas cu 6 atacuri din 46. Vă rog să remediați problema cât mai repede posibil. Mulțumesc.


After passing the level I gave only one attack on map 4, level 10 and I was left with 6 attacks out of 46. Please fix the problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

Are you saying all your world engery was gone when you played one level. On season 4 provence 10?

Da. Din păcate așa sa intâmplat.

Translation - Yes. Unfortunately, that’s what happened.

OK being not many people have reported the same problem It could be a isolated issue.

Also if you could use English that would be easier for people to help you. (as fourm rules is English)

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