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I’ve just maxed my Cristobal and thrown some emblems onto him, what do you think about Limit Breaking him? I was considering Fogg, but I think Cris has that opportunity to truly decimate a team with more attack power.

Hey @dez82 , yes I did exactly the same as @King_Kyree77 suggested and went attack path.

@Pohiroshima I would limit break the green hero you use the most, on offense, defense, titans, tournaments, etc. Just think straight usage.


What’s up everyone! I’m back with another war against Dead Men Awakening 2021-09-26T15:30:00Z!

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Russell is here! Check him out!!!

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Yo… check out this Octros guy. Is he better than Odin???

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Here’s my ten-pull for Octros! Teaser–I pulled something legendary, was it Octros???


Livestream incoming 2021-10-10T15:30:00Z!

Here’s what Octros looks like on offense:

Try using Octros as tank with Morel as left flank on a defense team. Saw a friend get his team destroyed in 5 turns

@Photon yeah that’s an amazing combo!

Here are my thoughts on the brand new event heroes!

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And of course, here’s my take on the epic heroes!

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