Lion-0s World Tour

Hi all,

After many years of playing the game, I have decided to take a big step and do something for me and go on a world tour travelling from alliance to alliance.

If you would like me to stop by for some titan smacking and war carnage reply with your alliance name and current titan level. I’m looking forward to seeing where I’ll end up.

I have 30+ Maxed 5 stars and everything below.

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@HFW Alliance name: Seven Days Departed :slight_smile: 14* titans.

Feel free to stop by for a few titan hits as some of our members are currently mercing. Unfortunately I cannot have you stay for the next war since our members will return before matchmaking but you’re more than welcome to drop in and say hello until they return. :slight_smile:

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How fortuitous, you’d be welcome to visit us at the Incognitos. We have space at the moment.


Crew-Raiders is currently hitting 12-13 star titans and would love the extra help, we still have three spots open.

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@Aquaginera_7DD I will let you know if I’m gonna stop by, it would be an honour to play alongside some of the best and well known players in the game for a little while.

@Sarah2 I will let you know when I’ll stop by. Have a few places to visit 1st.

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@HeathenHammer I will let you know when I’ll stop by would be great to play in the Crew family. Rigs is a great player and we’ve crossed paths in TM.

Hey :slight_smile: Sorry, it was more of a spontaneous offer. As matchmaking already happened, we are full again and will remain full for the next couple weeks. :slight_smile:

That’s fine, although I can’t guarantee there’ll be a space whenever you may choose to visit. We’re usually full and coincidentally we had space when you first advertised your world tour.

Nevertheless all the best, I know I had fun visiting some great alliances recently.


@Sarah2. War finishes in 4 hours 30 mins then ill come knocking. Got a level up coming so should help with titan.


@Sarah2 is probably snoring atm (in a very soft ladylike kind of way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

But we will make sure the butler answers the door :grin:

We are at the start of rare season, so you may get lucky :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, please visit us on your world tour! We often have visiting dignitaries and know how to roll out the welcome mat.

Forsaken Oasis is one of the most unique alliances I’ve ever been on. High level, active players who love to war (or just opt out). I’ve been there for several months and only once were war flags not used by a player (his 2-year-old broke her arm).

What makes Forsaken Oasis unique is that our titans are capped at 10 stars (11 rares) so members can save their resources. Mercing is permitted with the extra flags. Leadership is friendly, supportive and knowledgable.

We currently have a couple of players just visiting for a war. Contact demonra9 to reserve your spot!


@princess1 have you got space for a visitor?

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Hi there @HFW, I’m in the same alliance as @princess1, we have spots available, check us out! :slightly_smiling_face:

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