❄ Linus – 4* Ice / Blue from Contest of Elements

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Hint : The weirdo designs / concepts coming out, lately :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

  • No co-relation to hero function / specials…
  • Wait for the Morlovia artistry :bangbang::rofl: …… though, GobliNs :japanese_goblin: get a pass ….you know why :bangbang:

Well, :man_shrugging:t2: Inspired by JM :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :bangbang:

Ronnie Romero vibes


Oh, this guy actually looks closer to Linus. Jason mamoa looks a little bit too muscular

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Ritchie Kotzen!
He’s angry, because he is unable to play with shackles…
And blue is the perfect color for a bluesy rock star :large_blue_diamond: :small_blue_diamond:


This hero name should be Marcel and Marcel should be called Linus. 315% in one target is just a soft kiss make it 400% to target, then 360% to nearby with 6 blue tiles on board and lastly 315% to all with 12 tiles. Increase his health and attack stats. - From mad Bobby a homeless guy

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You aren’t kidding. I have now done 30 more individual pulls and i got 9 valen, a ton of other dupe 3 and 4 stars. I did get Milady but i already have her and while i love her i have too many projects going on to focus on a second Milady. I just wanted one 5 star that i didn’t have for collection. So sorry about you getting a dupe exteera. That’s happened to me before. These crazy elemental portals are the absolute WORST. Why do you and i keep falling for it? :rofl::rofl: I am not spending anymore on this portal.
On a side note i did overindulge on the mat ascension portal and i feel stocked up for a while. Not that i care because i didn’t get a new blue hero to upgrade with my new telescopes. Ha ha :see_no_evil: if you do pull anymore Good luck :hugs:

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Thanks but the elementals aren’t very kind to me …especially blue…no more gems on that one …saving for a different one … also wishing good luck to you in the portals … whichever you choose

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He does indeed look carefree here. Up to something, yes, but fully unbothered :joy: With my overall weakness in 4* blue I am quite happy I pulled him as my first Elemental hero. He will get some leveling love soon!

His shiny diamond like teeth is priceless!


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How does the passive work - does it double tile damage? So, a tile that belongs to Linus’ troops will deal double the normal damage?

This makes him the strongest tile damage titan hero in the game by default, no matter what, unless compared to other Super Elemental Blue 5 star heroes. Even if you have a base 1300ATK hero from somewhere (2LB+20Emblems 900+ base power hero?), Linus will still beat them if the formula is a direct “x2” to tile damage.

I am not doing the math, but yes, his troops does 100% damage against red enemies.

You make a brand new hero without a single buff leverage? Linus is just a child in comparison with 2c Li xiou.

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Home alone is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him :joy:

No matter how many diamond teeth this hero has it will not make him decent.

I’m going to level him after Quintin, or should I go on to a different blue?

Depends fully on your roster. I have him LB2 at level 80 and he is part of my main raid attack team now, in a blue block with Quinn and Garyas, and I enjoy using him very much.

As long as you level him all the way through, he sure packs a punch, but he is only a damage dealer so he does not offer much more than a punch.

As for the conditions of his special: getting him to hit three is very easy and has often come in handy for me. Rarely do you ever get to use him on everyone, but when you do it’s delightfully devastating.

Hope this helps!


Also forgot to mention: it is verg fun to use a super elemental hero and generate power gems. Their damage every turn has been weirdly helpful in situations where I needed to damage opponents juuust a little more

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