Link to join the war dones'nt exists



Hi here !

I have a problem since i had leave a alliance war.
Today i would like to join wars to help my alliance but i can’t !
I’m level 21.
I have no checkbox to join the war and that’s for 3 or 4 wars…
I have join the game support now for a week but i have no answers…
What do you think i can do please ?
Thank you very much for your help !
Good game and have fun !



The same problem for many, and not solved


yep… The problem is Why they do the wars if someones cant do it ? It’s not equitable ! I think it’s not very fun…


I agree friend, in the 17 update should fix.but there must be compensation for the month of inactivity


I am having the same problem and have asked for help… they said they are investigating the issues and going to try and solve it. I have missed out on 3 wars.


the chest of war because of this turned out to be empty


same problem I have also lost 3 wars I have never left my alliance

already contact the support and do not solve anything

we must wait for the new update


hmmmm… how many time will we have to stand without wars and others players play to that !? its really not good ! give us approximatively a date please :frowning:


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