Link to Forum listing Training Alliances for New Players

I have been “hanging out” in Alliance Recruitment for a few weeks now, and am noticing a scary amount of new alliances being made by Lvl 4 New Players. I believe 99% of these players simply don’t know what they are getting themselves into, or are simply overwhelmed by the fast pace of the AR room. When showing the “Join an Alliance or Start Your Own!” when reaching level 4 (or however it is done now, been a few years since I’ve started lol), would it be possible to provide a Forum Link that goes directly to a List of Training Alliances? I believe this would help new players who are overwhelmed with trying to find a place, and perhaps lessen the amount of new empty alliances being made.

This is along the lines of the same thing I have been thinking about…When I first started, just joined the first group I found that was open, What a disaster!

The sad thing is I had no idea, and spent a couple of months flailing around making bad decisions and not realizing it.

Finally someone joined as a merc, and shared a lot of knowledge and information, and pointed me to the forums…the game took an entirely new direction for me after that.

I wish there had been something at the very start, that told me all this help was available just a click or two away.


Good idea on the list of training alliances.

I also feel that low level players shouldn’t be encouraged to start new alliance - that leads to a lot of frustration and wasted time. People getting disappointed is bad business case for SG.

There was a discussion earlier about the importance for search - search shouldn’t lead new players into dead alliances, maybe if alliances could mark themselves “training”, have no cup requirement and active leadership then they could be presented to new people in search, better experience for everyone.


Here’s the list. If there was a way to link to it in the game, that would be awesome


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