Link a new Android phone from old phone?

Ok so getting a new phone today but when I go to settings and see Link account it says only “Link to iOS” nothing about Android… will I already have my account saved on Google Play when I log into my new phone when I download E&P in it… kinda confused there… any help would be appreciated :smile:

That’s the way it worked from android phone to BlueStacks emulator on windows, everything synced in game from the Google play account

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As long as you have your account synced to your Play Games account, it will log straight in on your new device.

Note tho it won’t let you use both at the same time. It’s one or the other.


Yeah I have it on my phone and Amazon fire tablet 10 hd … but when I synched it to that if I remember correctly it Said in settings Link to an iOS or Android device… but that was a few months ago… unless they changed the wording?

It’s still the same. But that’s for changing operating system. Same operating system it moves with your Goolge / Apple account & the Play Games / Game Centre account :slight_smile:


Well phone they sent me was wrong one anyway :angry: LoL so hopefully the right one will be here Monday…as with my old iPad yeah went from Android to iOS…a d Even though you can get Google Play on an Amazon fire tablet…I had to download APK files to do it so I imagine my New s10+ that I’m supposed to get Monday now…will be actually inherently android and after it being set up with my Google account before downloading the game Will Go right to my account when I do…at least what I’m understanding?

Correct. So long as you are playing it (currently) on an Android emulator on the Amazon Fire & have it logged in to your Google Play Account & the Play Games thing too, it’ll sync over fine :slight_smile:

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Have it on my android phone my tablet and old iPad mini that screen cracked…hence the fire tablet 10 LoL…ok thanks

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