Link 2 ALLIANCE'S together

Quick question, I belong to an ALLIANCE already. The creator and leader have moved on. A fellow ALLIANCE member wants to know, Can you LINK two ALLIANCES together? (I do not think that you can) but I would like some clarification/direction before I tell him the wrong thing.

Not sure what you mean by linking … however you can merge your alliance with another. You would need to find an alliance and speak to the leader to agree terms of the merge ie leader, co-leader, elder roles etc. It would mean that with your alliance being without an active leader, that you would all need to leave your existing alliance to join another … good luck


Thank you JGE, this has been an issue for the ALLIANCE that I’ve been in for the past year. I’ve tried to read up on the issue at hand, while trying to maintain playing with the ALLIANCE.
The longer and more aware I’ve become (still learning) on how to discuss certain issues we have, it turns out, others have previously gone through it. Now we have members that want to (to me) take on the responsibility of leading the ALLIANCE. Hopefully things will work out.

That’s easy enough to do. All you need is to set up your own new alliance with you as the leader and ask everyone to move across.


JGE, thank you for your direction. My fellow ALLIANCE member has started a brand new ALLIANCE and since they have done that, the members that have wanted to stay together have “crossed over”.
Now, I’m still learning how to navigate through this interface, but I would like to give you credit and close out this topic for myself, till then I will raise my mug of ale, and lead a chant.

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