Lingering damage question

Ok so most cards say, deal 300 over 5 turns (example) this mean it will do 1500 in total or 60 a turn? I ask cause the vampires dont seem do much damage and there other cards that have similar skill and it’s not very powerful with the 3* (like oberon). Plus, I’ve noticed most similar skill dont overlap, so does that mean only one hero can apply lingering damage? (Like blood drop icon).

DoT give that total damage over the time listed. So 180 damage over 3 turns would be 60 per turn.

DOT’s ignore both buffs and debuff’s AND any troop defense.

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Don’t forget the direct damage, which will scale as the hero scales. Also the health steal…and stacking. These are pretty nice heroes overall, esp if paired with 4* level 11 mana troops.

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